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Petition of Morning Star and Good Fortune —26 Apr 1723 p1

Petition—Morning Star and Good Fortune—28 Apr 1722

From the author of Quest for Blackbeard, the genealogies of various pirates will be explored in similar depth in Brooks’ Dictionary of Pyrate Biography, currently in the planning stages.

Brooks has over 35 years of experience in genealogical research, has worked as a professional genealogist, and lately studied in the Maritime Studies Program at East Carolina University as a professional historian.

His peer-reviewed article, “ ‘Born in Jamaica of Very Creditable Parents’ or ‘A Bristol Man Born’? Excavating the Real Edward Thache, ‘Blackbeard the Pirate’ “ in the July issue of North Carolina Historical Review includes the genealogy of the most famous pirate of them all! It’s expanded upon in Quest.

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Petition of the crews from ship Morning Starr and brigantine Good Fortune (formerly with Bartholomew Roberts) to Gov. Nathaniel Lawes of Jamaica, 28 Apr 1722, CO 323/8:

To his most sacred Majesty George, by the Grace of God, of Great-Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c.

The humble Petition of the Company, now belonging to the Ship Morning Star, and Brigantine good Fortune, lying under the ignominious Name and Denomination of Pyrates Humbly sheweth

That we your Majesty’s most loyal Subjects, have, at sundry Times, been taken by Bartholomew Roberts, the then Capt. of the abovesaid Vessels and Compy., together with another Ship, in which we left him; and have been forced by him and his wicked Accomplices, to enter into, and serve, in the said Compy., as Pyrates, much contrary to our Wills and Inclinations: And we your loyal Subjects utterly abhoring and detesting that impious way of Living, did, with an unanimous Consent, and contrary to the Knowledge of the said Roberts, or his Accomplices, on, or about the 18th Day of April 1721 Leave and run away from the aforesaid Roberts and his Compy., with the abovesaid Ship Morning Star, and Brigt.good Fortune, with no other Intent and Meaning than the Hopes of obtaining your Majesty’s most gracious Pardon. And, that we your Majesty’s most loyal Subjects, may with more Safety return to our native Country, and serve the Nation, unto which we belong, in our respective Capacities, without Fear of being prosecuted by the Injured, whose Estates have suffered by the said Roberts and his Accomplices, during our forcible Detainment, by the said Compy.: We most humbly Implore Your most Royall Majesty’s Assent

To this our humble Petition.

And your Petitioners shall ever pray&c.

X x x x x paper torn x x x x Starr and Brigt. Good F x x x x x

Fourteenth? Day of June 1722 This vangs x x x assion to Your Most Sacred Majesty The First Dated April the 28th: 1722. To His Excellency Sr. Nicholas Lawes Knt. Governour in Chief of the Island of Jamaica.


The following lists come from CO 323/8 also and contain the names included in two Round Robbins (drawn presumably by the separate crews of Morning Starr and Good Fortune. They are alphabetized owing to the nature of a Round Robbin – to prevent knowing who signed first. It is assumed that the order makes little difference.


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Names of those listed and readable in the first Round Robbin w/center circle:

Anstis       Thomas

Ashburne  Michael

Barrett      William

Bennett     John

Beck          Anthony

Bouch       Eliha (Elisha?)

Braidley    George

Broad       Thomas

Chicherter        Thomas

Clark        Alexander

Danning    John

Demiantigny?    Etienne

Dobes/Doles     Daniel

Ellery        Samuel

Fauvel       Thomas

Finner       John

Foord        John

Fotheringhame          John

Garton      Edward

Halbert     John

Hall   William

Hill    William

Holliday    John

Hore         Edward

Jackson     Andrew

John         Peter

Johnson    Magnus

Jones        Thomas

Kendell     Marting

Knolls       Zachariah

Mingo       William

Oram        John

Perking     John

Pimear      George

Poid           Nathaniel

Pridgeon   William

Puttnor     William

Read          William

Reynolds   John

Sammose  Peter

Sanders    Richard

Sanderson        John

Seares      Benjamin

Simner      John

Sinclair     William

Smith       John

Starkey     John

Symes      William

Tavenner   John

Taylor       William?

Thomas     Thomas

Thorn       Benjamin

Tilley        John

Turner       Samuel

Underwood       Joshua

Weedan     George

Wesson     Stephen

Wood        Thomas


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