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Jonathan Barnett in Jamaica—10 Aug 1716

Depositions – Jonathan Barnett—10 Aug 1716

"Deposition of Jonathan Barnett". Jamaica. August 10, 1716. JCM f.63.

...That in December last this Deponent came to Mr. Cockburn Lord Archibald Hamilton's Secretary's Chamber and asked him to see a Copy of one of ye Commissions that had been before granted And he thereupon shewed this Depont. a Coppy of a Commission and Instructions And this Deponent thereupon told Mr. Cockburn it would do him no Service and Mr. Galdy coming in said he believed so too, And thereupon Mr. Galdy and this Depont. went with Mr. Cockburn to his Lordship and this Deponent told his Lordship he did not think fitt to take a Comission for that it would do this Depont. no Service on ye Wracks. His Lordship thereupon answered he could give this Depont. none that would do him any Service any farther than defending this Depont against Pyrates And his Lordship added if this Deponent went on ye wracks [and] if the Spaniards were stronger than this Depont. he must expect to gett no money but if he was stronger than the Spaniards then this Depont might take ye money he could gett up. And being asked whether he understood his Lordship meant the money before fished out of ye Wracks by ye Spaniards or the money under water the said Deponent answered, he apprehended his Lordship meant the money under water. And this Deponent further saith That he should not have gone to ye Wracks if his Lordship had not said, [that] if this depont. was stronger than the Spaniards he might have liberty to take the money out of the water and beat them off the wracks. And being asked by Mr. Bernard whether he was not fitted out for the wracks before he came for his Commission, answered, he was, but that this Deponent would not have gone to ye wracks if he had not understood he had liberty to drive the Spaniards off if he was Stronger than they.