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Edward “Capt.” Thache Sr.

Edward “Blackbeard” Thache Jr.

Elizabeth [neé: ?] Thache (mother)

Elizabeth Thache Valescure (sister)

Elizabeth Thache Barham (possible daughter)

Henry Barham, Botanist

Dr. Henry Barham Jr.

Lucretia Poquet Maverly Ethel Thache

Cox Thache of Spanish Town and Kingston

Jane Teache, slave of Kingston, Jamaica

Rachel [Ann?] Thache [Smith?]

Thomas Thache, mariner

Capt. Tudor Trevor of HMS Windsor

Capt. (later Vice-Admiral) Edward Vernon

Daniel Axtell

Leigh and Jasper Ashworth

Dr. William Axtell of Port Royal

William Axtell of Spanish Town

Gov. Lord Archibald Hamilton of Jamaica

Thomas Cox of St. Catherine’s Parish

David Herriot

Stede Bonnet of Barbados

Acting Governor Peter Heywood of Jamaica

Biography Shelf: The people listed below may not appear as a comprehensive list of pirates. They are actually a list of the people who had a direct influence on Edward “Blackbeard” Thache’s life.

Benjamin Hornigold of Eleuthera, the Bahamas

Henry Jennings of Bermuda and Jamaica

Israel Hands

Don Juan Esteban de Ubilla

Capt. Vincent Pearse of HMS Phoenix

Thomas Barrow of Jamaica

Gov. Benjamin Bennet of Bermuda

Gov. Robert Johnson of South Carolina

Gov. Francis Nicholson of South Carolina

Gov. Charles Eden of North Carolina

Lt. Gov. Alexander Spotswood of Virginia

Edward Salter (the cooper)

James Robins

William Howard (quarter master for Hornigold, then Thache on QAR)

Tobias Knight, Secretary and Customs Collector

Capt. Ellis Brand of HMS Lyme

Lt. Robert Maynard


Nathaniel Mist (aka “Capt. Charles Johnson”)

Daniel DeFoe

Lords Proprietors of Carolina

Col. Daniel Axtell of Berkhamsted, England

Other supporting players:

Dr. Thomas Stuart of Spanish Town

Noah Delanney, Assemblyman for St. Catherine

Gov. Nicholas Trott of London and the Bahamas

Gov. Read Elding of the Bahamas

Thomas Walker family of the Bahamas

Capt. Matthew Musson

John Vickers of Bermuda and Virginia

Richard, 5th Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merion

John Graves, Customs Collector at the Bahamas

Nicholas Trott, Admiralty Court Judge

Col. William Rhett of South Carolina

William Bell of Bath County, North Carolina

Gale Family of North Carolina and Bahamas

Boston News-Letter

Board of Trade and Plantations (1696)

Richard Tookerman

Ignatius Pell

Laureano de Torres y Ayala (1645–1722), Marquis of Casa Torres

Capt. Don Juan del Valle

Vassals of Carolina, Barbados, and Jamaica

Captain Thomas Porter of Boston


The Family of Cape Fear’s Brunswick Town:

Edward Moseley of St. Giles, Cripplegate, London

Maurice Moore and Moores of Goose Creek, SC

Jeremiah Vail of Boston

John Porter and Porters of Virginia


Pirates and players of Sailing East:

Olivier LeVasseur de la Buse

Jeremiah Cocklyn

Edward England

Edward Congdon (other page)

Richard Taylor

Jasper Seager

John, James, or William Plantain

Hans Burgen and James Deer or Deering

Adm. Thomas Mathews

Luís Carlos Inácio Xavier de Menezes (1689-1742), 5th Count of Ericeira and 1st Marquis of Louriçal

Guelderland - Vierge de Cap, aka Nossa Senhora do Cabo

James McRae of Cassandra

Richard Lazenby

Jakob de Bucquoy

Mid. Clement Downing

Capt. Richard Kirby and 1st mate John Barnes



Betsimisaraka of Madagascar

Gov. Joseph de Beauvoilier de Courchant

Gov. Pierre Benoît Dumas

Gyles Neal

Lt. Robert of Fort Dauphin

Capt. Guillaume Hais of La Victorieux

HMS Lion, Exeter, Salisbury, and Shoreham


Significant Events:

War of the Spanish Succession or Queen Anne’s War

Hurricane of July 30, 1715

King George I’s Act of Grace of September 5, 1717

Resumption Bills

Founding of Proprietary Colonies of Carolina and the Bahamas

Lowell Newton’s “Juan Esteban de Ubilla and the Flota of 1715”

      About the Spanish Wrecks on the Coast of Florida—Hurricane of 1715

Other privateers/pirates:

Jack Rackham

John Augur/Augier

Anne Bonny

Jonathan Barnet of Jamaica

Edward James

James Wills, Samuel Liddell, Charles Vane, and James Carnegie

Daniel Stillwell

Joseph Eels, quartermaster for Capt. Leigh Ashworth

Allen Bernard, quartermaster for Capt. Henry Jennings

Thomas Barrow of the “Flying Gang” on New Providence

Porter brothers of the Bahamas and South Carolina

Othniel Davis of the Bahamas and South Carolina

While the many passages above may appear in Quest for Blackbeard, the history and genealogies of all known pirates will be explored in similar depth in Brooks’ Dictionary of Pyrate Biography, to be published later this year!

Brooks has over 35 years of experience in genealogical research, has worked as a professional genealogist, and lately studied in the Maritime Studies Program at East Carolina University.


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