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Minutes De Pas Feuquieres (Martinique) - 30 May 1719

Minutes – De Pas Feuquieres - 30 May 1719

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Secrétariat d'État à la Marine - Correspondance à l'arrivée en provenance de la Martinique 1717-1727 : Feuquières (François de Pas de Mazencourt, marquis de), gouverneur général des îles du Vent  ◾ Correspondance  ◦ Feuquières (François de Pas de Mazencourt, marquis de), gouverneur général des îles du vent, et Mesnier (Charles), contrôleur de la Marine à la Martinique 

30 mai 1719

FR ANOM COL C8A 26 F° 44


The meetings of the Superior Council of Martinique are paralyzed by the absence of numerous councilors; reception at the council of Mr. Lascaris de Jauna; arrival of a pirate ship whose crew desires to profit by the amnesty granted by the king; request for instructions on the devolution of the effects found on board this vessel (a slave belonging to the Grand-master of Santo Domingo)


feuille 83-84:

On the tenth of this month, and during the meetings of the Superior Council, a pirate vessel was brought in, having six pieces of cannon, 9 tons, and 39 men, who had had knowledge during their course, of the English, and the amnesty which the King of England had granted to the pirates, had resolved to go with the said English to profit by it, but having afterwards learned that the King had also used clemency and granted an amnesty to the French pirates, they separated from it and sold the ship in that isle, where they arrived on the tenth day at Fort Royal, after having surrendered at St. Barthelemy (where ten men were degraded with the little booty which they could have, on account of whatever difference they had at first taken from drinking), and to Guadeloupe, or M. de Savigny, who commanded them to assemble them, by giving them a letter for M. de Feuquieres that they could come here with confidence. We here enclose a copy of the declaration which these pirates have made upon their arrival at M. de Feuquieres, by which the Council will see that they have made him a gift of the said vessel; M. de Feuquieres pleases the Council to try to find this Gift, which is of a small Consequence.



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