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Declaration de Guinard et Dumillon (at Martinique) - 10 May 1719

Declaration – Guinard et Dumillon - 10 May 1719

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Secrétariat d'État à la Marine - Correspondance à l'arrivée en provenance de la Martinique 1717-1727 : Feuquières (François de Pas de Mazencourt, marquis de), gouverneur général des îles du Vent  ◾ Mémoires, états et documents divers  ◦ Course, flibuste et piraterie 

Déclaration faite par Julien Guinard et Jean-Baptiste Dumillon, capitaine et quartier-maître du navire forban le Postillon, qui demandent à bénéficier de l'amnistie (10 mai 1719)

[Statement made by Julien Guinard and Jean-Baptiste Dumillon, captain and quartermaster of the pirate ship Postillon*, who ask to benefit from the amnesty (May 10, 1719)]

FR ANOM COL C8A 26 F° 72


feuilles 133-134:


Copy - Declaration


Julien Guinard and Jean Baptist Dumillon, Captain and Quarter-Master of the vessel the Postillon armed with six guns and nine Pierreur, and with 39 white or negro men free we shall give the Rolle; Let us declare, in ourselves and in that of our crew, that having been informed of the amnesty which he has pleased to grant to all his pirates subjects in Western America, and to touch with a true repentance of our faults and of our misbehavior, with the intention of good or wise government of the Chevalier de Feuquieres, at the foot of which we take the liberty of throwing ourselves at ourselves, the suppliant very humbly to wish to forget our past conduct, and to do only attention to the firm declaration we all make of us never of the court and fidelity and submission that we of court has his majesty, to whom we profess in your hands to live and die in good and faithful subjects; As a mark of our resolution, you will be pleased to accept our vessel the Postillion in the state where it is presently found, and to grant to each of us a passport or permission of power established in the isles of His Majesty dependents of our Government, without being molesters or disturbances by whom this time, in accordance with the desire of the presence amnesty. In Martinique the 10th of May 1719. Sign Louis Guinard and Jean Baptiste Dumillon with a Cross, Jacques and Genry Erue X, Franc Guilau X, Jacques Folly X, Augustin Sac X, Jean Baptiste Couitre free mulato, Laurent Bellain X, Louis Bourgeois X, Barthelemy Clauerin X, Jacques Roberts X, Lange Allain X, Jacques Dauphine X, Joseph Villain X, Ettiene La Porte X, Daniel le Blonde X, Joseph Fumel X, Guillaume Forton X, Andre de Rosse X, Alexandre Gaucen X, Jean Joseph Julian X, Francois ou Tailly X, Marc Guillon X, Louis Barreau X, Martin Delgaro X, Jean Berand X, Charles Nicolaus X, Jean Bernard X, Pierre Guilleume X, Pierre Jac X, Edward Wood X, Francois La Ken X, Marc de Leors free negro, X, Jean James X, Louis Barre X, Joseph Louis Auzanet and Guy Marie Mallegol having signed.


* BCBNOTE: Is this the same Postillon that was captained once by Olivier LeVasseur de la Buse? Were some of these men once his crew?


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