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Deposition – Pierre Dosset (at Martinique) - 27 Apr 1718

Deposition – Pierre Dosset - 27 Apr 1718

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27 April 1718. Verification La Concorde. ADLA B 4578 r 90v & s .. (2 sheets photocopied).

Verification and addition of the declaration of Ernaut lieutenant for La Concorde plundered and taken by the pirates.

There appeared Pierre Dosset de Nantes, formerly master and commander of the ship called La Concorde de Nantes, wearing 200 tons or so, armed with 14 cannons and equipped with 72 men all included by René Montaudouin, bourgeois and ship owner.

Which the captain took the oath with a raised hand, he swore to tell the truth, and after having read to him the statement made by Sr. François Ernaud, his first lieutenant on his ship La Concorde dated April 27th, recognized this sincere and genuine.

He only wishes to add that when he had the misfortune to be captured by the pirate ships mentioned in the aforementioned declaration. the declarant said to have then in its edge the number of 455 heads of blacks of all sexes and ages, 61 blacks died during the crossing. Which make together 516 heads that he had in the place of Judah.

Said to have ordered Charles Baudin, his second lieutenant on the said ship, to take five pounds of gold powder from M. Turgot, a lieutenant on the vessel Le Ruby de Saint-Malo. which said Bardieu handed over to him declaring and that said gold powder was taken and plundered by the pirates together with thirteen pounds six ounces half and half belonging to Sirs Dosset and Martin and friends.

In addition, fourteen ounces belonging to the ship's cargo, and eight ounces belonging to Pierre Sagory, 2nd pilot, plus three ounces belonging to Sieur Moret for 3 ounces of brandy he entrusted to him, plus two ounces belonging to to Pierre Fauquères, the first sign on the said ship, which he had found in his trunk after his death, by making an inventory and sale of his clothes, the said death preceding the said actions of the pirates.

Said moreover that the said pirates would have embarked sixty blacks in the barque of Henri St. Amour who was in Grenada stranded on the quay. Which declaring him declared to send fifteen blacks that he claimed to Martinique having recognized them by the mark of the ship. All the blacks joined together have produced according to the account furnished by the declarant to his citizens and shipowners the sum of one hundred and sixteen thousand nine hundred and sixty five pounds ten sols.

Moreover, he had received only the sum of 3600 livres for the sale of the pirate ship, which had been sold at the auction by the ministry of justice, although it was by the declaration of the sieur Ernaud.that he had been sold 3950 livres having been reduced by judicial authority of the sum of 350 livres for a cable bought by order of justice from Mr. Estyefore. merchant in Saint-Pierre of Martinique. In addition, he found himself for the sum of 737 pounds of cocoa, and for 62 pounds of poultry, and a cauldron of copper sold for 212 pounds, plus 600 pounds for two negroes which had been stolen from them by Spaniards, and that the declarant has recovered. All the sums joined together make that of one hundred and nineteen thousand, six and ten pounds. On which sum he was compelled to pay 8926 livres 17 sols for commission, and besides for pledges of the crew eleven thousand three hundred ninety eight livres. ten sols and for other expenses made by him declaring the sum of 7554 livres. Said moreover to have left the net coming from the boat in cash in the hands of Mr. Georges Prevost, a merchant in Martinique. which has given a receipt to the declarant in the event of a claim by that vessel.

It is the declaration of which he read, he swore to be sincere, persisted and signed



In the margin:

The 61 Negroes sold in Grenada produced 12,200 livres, that of the number of blacks who were brought to Martinique, there are 56 exhausted (?) To 125 livres piéce. The total of the blacks .... Claimed amounts to 376 of which it belongs six to the officers of this ship and 20 who died coming from Bicoya and Martinique during the sale. Remains 350 blacks that have been sold. Deduct from 455. There are 105 blacks of loss since the taking of the said ship.


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