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Capt. James Pearce to Humphrey Morice—12 May 1723

Letters – Pearce to Morice —12 May 1723

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British Library, India Office, "Copy of a Letter from James [Pearce] to Humphrey Morrice Esqr. about the Ship Cassandra," 12 May 1723, IOR E-1-14, f. 298.



                        Jamaica the 12th May 1723



We have an acctt: from Portobello by a vessell just arrived [Capt. David Greenhill] from thence that a Pirate Shipp of 40 Gunns & 140 Men, was lying about 30 Leagues to Windward of Portobello, the Shipp was the Cassandra formerly taken from Capt. Mackray in the East Indies, the last place they came from was the Island of Madagascar having been from thence five months & halfe, the present Captaine of this Pirate Shipp is named Taylor and he has sent down by a small Turtle fishing Sloope to Portobello the Doctor [Richard Moor] of the Pirate Shipp, with a letter Signed by the Captaine & Superior Officers of the Pirate Shipp, desiring a Pardon, this letter was delivered by the Doctor to the Commander of the Mermaid Man of Warr, whom he the Doctor informed that the Captaine of the Pirate Shipp was not above 12 Leagues distance and that he believed if the Capt. of the Man of Warr would send up an hostage that the Capt. of the Pirate would come down ab[oard] the Man of Warr, wch. WAS readily consented to [paper torn] the Captaine of the Man of Warr sent down hi[s] Brother, two days after the Captaine of the Pirate shipp came down aboard the Man of Warr and was very Solicitous for a Pardon, the Captaine of the Man of Warr treated the Captaine of the Pirate very Civilly & persuaded him to bring down his Shipp & go with him to Jamaica and he would not Molest him, after two days Stay, the Capt. of the Pirate Shipp went to his Concerts to prevaile with them to Surrender to the Captaine of the Mermaid Man of Warr, the Pirates have gott the Shipp Cassandra into so Crooked a place that all the Navy of England cannot hunt them, they have Lightned their shipp three foot to gett her over the Shoales & were Six days halling [??]en in between the Rocks, that it is impossible for any Vessel to come near her, they give out that they can divide Silver & Gold L1200 a Man & to have a great Value aboard in Diamonds besides a great many Rich Goods.

read in Court 7th July

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