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Capt. Ellis Brand to Admiralty—12 Mar 1718/9

Letters – Brand to Admiralty—12 Mar 1719

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ADM 1/1472                                                Lyme Virginia Mar: 12: 1718/19




This comes to Acknowledge the receipt of those Lordships Orders for my takeing Any Ships Or Vessels

belonging to the King of Spain which came to me the 7th Jan(?)


Since I wrote you my last for February given you an Acct of our haveing distroyed the pirate Tach and

his crew harbouring in No Carolina And bringing the Sloop and his effects into this government, I have

talks with the Governor as likewise with the judge of the court of Admiralty in Order to proceed

Against them As Usual in the like causes which was granted me


I cannot Omitt given there Lordships An Acct of the Very extrodinary proceedings of the Government of

North Carolina when the Court of Admiralty in Virginia was sett to proceed Against the pirates goods.

A Lawyer Appeared for them and put in a plea Against the the jursidiction of this court, as likewise

setting forth that I had by force takeing - from The Lords Proprietors lands a parcel of Sugars Cocoa

cotton slaves &c


I shall now Acquaint there Lordships that during the time I was in North Carolina I was att the

governers [Charles Eden] house,


that when I applied myself to him for a parcell of Sugars and Slaves that did belong to Tach, he

Order'd the Marshal to deliver the Slaves, And the Naval Officer the Sugars to me, Nor doe I know of

Any Violence or Ill treatment Either himself or Any of the Inhabitants did meet with during this time.

I was in there government from any person under my command, when I left Bath Town the governer went

into the next County with me. I thought att our parting my conduct had been such the time I was in

there government that it would not allow'd of such base and seunditous reports as they are now pleas'd

to give out.


They are getting severall depositions to send home to my Lord Cartright and the other Proprietors

Against me. I hope when I arrive in England I shall be able to Justi? My whole proceedings the time I

was Amongst them And beg no reports of theres may effect me att there Lordships board till such time

as I come home and then I shall humble submitt to there Lordships judgment.


The court has Over rul'd there plea as to the jursidiction of the court and proceeded against them,

the goods being perishable they are Order'd to be sold.


by the Next Opportunitie I shall give you an account of the saele  of goods; upon the Tryall of the

pyrates it was found there sugars was taken sometime in last August in a ship from Martinicoe bound to

old France [Rose Emelye?].


I am now About heaving the Lime down and fitting her for the sea. I am



                    your Most Obedient

                    humble Serv To Comm:


                           Ellis Brand



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