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Richard Vavastour in Southton, UK —25 Jul 1719

Depositions – Richard Vavastour - 25 July 1719

Southampton (UK) Archives, SC9/4/81—Deposition of Richard Vavastour—25 Jul 1719

Southampton Archives (UK), SC9/4/81, Examination of Richard Vavastour, 25 Jul 1719; Vavastour was a crewman of John Thompson’s on Jacob & Jaell, who was held for “six weeks,” meaning that pirates had been at Sierra Leone since about 15 March. He took passage on a French ship to the island of Guernsey, then to Southampton, arriving 24 Jul 1719.



Vill & Cond Southton ss The Exaiacon [Examination] of Richd. Vavastour

        taken on oath the twenty-fifth day of

        July Anno Dom. 1719


This epaiant [deponent] saith that on the twelfth day of March last past he this epaiant [deponent] being on board a Ship called the Jacob & Jaell John Thompson Master was taken by pyrates in Shilone [Sierra Leone] on the Coast of Guinea and by them kept a prisoner for the space of six weeks and by a ffrench Ship arrived at Guernsey from whence he arrived at this port of Southton the day before the date hereof [24 July 1719].


Jurat did y anno saprad,

Coram Md        Charles Smith Mayor