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Observations on Board the Lyon at Charnock Point—ca Apr 1722

Depositions – Observations on Lyon - ca Apr 1722

HCA 1/54, ff. 138-139


Observations On Board the Lyon at Charnocke Point On the Island of Madagascar.

Being the place where the Pyrates are said to Rendevous ---


April 27: 1722   This day Commerd: Mathews sent a Shore to the Beach Several Dozen Bottles of Liquor. ----------


Do: 28              This day wee had word brought off from Charnock Point that 2 white Men were on Shore there. One

                Nam'd as was said Jemmy Deering. the Other Jns. Plantine which were reported to have formerly belong'd

                to the Pyrates, and left behind at this place w:h their Riches they Had plunder'd. I observ'd from On

                Board a Body of black men [note: "men" here not capitalized] Arm'd came down On the Beach opposite to

                the Shipp. W:th a St. Georges fflag flying before E'm amongst whom was said to be the twp white Men

                abovemention'd Jemmy Deering & Jno: Plantin[.] Upon the arrival of these Men the Commodore went soon

                after a Shore to them, (On the Beach), & immediately afterwards sent off an Order to Me to Spare him

                2 Puncheons of the Kings Arrack. Which I Comply'd w:th And the Said Arrack was then Sent On Shore to

                the Commad:r w:th a Pipe of Madera wine which was Said to be Dispos'd off On Shore to this aforem'd

                Jemmy Deering & Jno. Plantin at a very great Price. I observ'd the St. Georges fflag was kept flying

                on the Beach the whole Day. ---

        29 -   This day the two white Men aforenam'd were Said to be gone into the Country, upon Intelligence as was

                reported that the Town where they dwelt was going to be Attack'd, they went away w:th So much

                Precipitancy that they left behing them the two Puncheons of Arrack And the Pipe of wine Sent On

                Shore yesterday. This Evening finding the Said Liquor was Deserted, the Commadore Order'd the Longboat

                On Shoar to fetch it off, which was accordingly Comply'd w:th and the Aforesd. 2 Puncheons of Arrack

                and Pipe of Madera wine was rec:d On Board again

April 30 -   This Morning at 8 We Sail's and Stood to the No:W:d Carrying away w:th Us the 2 aforesd. Puncheons of

                Arrack and pipe of Madera wine. ----