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Letter of Robert Plunkett to RAC — 16 Apr 1719

Letters – Robert Plunkett - 16 Apr 1719

From T 70/6, ff. 97-98


Sierraleon Letters Continued -


P:e P: There is one Error in the Invoice of Goods Received Per Experiment which I charged at 2915 Bars: 2 s: but amounts to 6182 Bars: 2 s: the Error being in ye planes wrong cast up w:ch Your Hon:rs will be pleased to Excuse


Rio Sera Lion Aprill the 16:th 1719 Gives an Acct. your Factory at Bense Island was burnt the 23 Ulto. [March] by the Pyrates from Gambia after having burnt & distroyed that Fort. That your Ship ye. Dispatch meet with the same Fate as did the Experimt. last Yeare -

Was on board the Dispatch but knows not his Orders from Mr. Deane nor what goods he has brought by reason all his Letters and Papers were taken away by the Pirates

Gives an Acct. of the Pirates & thinkes it reasonable you should Send to Your Agents at Barbadoes concerning them

Has no goods left, but what is in the Out Factories & at Sherbrowe; Sent a Boat to Sherbrow to Acquaint Mr. Callow of the Pirates w/ch prevented ye Craven & Yorke Sloop falling into yr. [their] hands -

That ye Craven is Still at Sherbrow has disposed of very little of her Cargoe Will put ye. Wood yt. was designed for her On board ye Dispatch & Send her to Mr. Phipps to Dispose off pt.

The bad Encouragemt. he has had by reason of ye Pirates & private Trayders prevents his writeing for more Supplyes tho has got his Share of Trade as [per] Copy of Journall which he will send home [per] Dispatch will appear

That ye Pirates have meet w:th Such reception there that it become a place of Rendevous for them there being so many Rascalls on Shore that Assist them wth Boats & Canoes to bring their goods on Shore & And likewise Encourage them in all Manner of Villiany on Shore for Seven Weeks and leaves all the World to judge if those ffellows should be Suffered to live there & not taken a Way and tryed as Accessories to Pyracy

Will doe his Utmost Endeavours wth what goods to pursue the Trade but fear those Villians will spoyl ye whole Trade having so many goods given them by the pyrates, Hopes you will prevent if possiable you can by procuring if any Men of War come there to have those ffellow carried away from thence. -

[Per] ye Dispatch will give ye a fuller Acct. of all Matters -


[Per] Queen Elizabeth

David Craten Master

Rec:d 1719


Rio Sierra leone April 16. 1719, Mr. [Robert] Plunkitt

Advises of the Factory at Bence Island being burnt the 22d ulto. by 3 Pyrates, after having destroyd Gambia

as also the Ship Dispatch taken & plundered

The Pyrates loaded the Effects in the Guinea Hin a Barbados Ship they had taken formerly; The Masters Name Slade, who had been in the Comp.y Service

Sent notice to Mr. Callow at Sherbro. wch prevented the Craven Gally & York Sloop falling into their hands.

Designs to Send the Wood intended home by the Craven, in ye Dispatch to Cape Coast.

Private Traders who live on Shore worse than the Pyrates. tho thinks he has gott his Share of the Trade.

All who live ashore except Capt. [Henry] Glynn & his Nephew [Robert Glynn?] ought to be tryd for being accessories to the Pyrates, who in 7 weeks had taken & ransacked 12 Ships, & no Sooner taken but his boats & Canoes were Sent from Shore on board the Prizes & plund loaden with goods & Liquors &c

Promises a List of all the private Traders there, & the Trade they have made for 12 months past.