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Letter of James Phipps and John Stevenson to RAC — 12 Jan 1720

Depositions – Phipps & Stevenson - 12 Jan 1720

Add. MSS. 25498, p. 18 (ad numbering), Documents illustrative of the history of the slave trade to ... Donnan, Elizabeth, ed. 1883-1955, 242-243.



CABO CORSO CASTLE, Jan. 12th 1719/20.


Have received a Letter from the Secretary of 11th August [1719], by Capt. Green. Write about the Craven Gally [mentioned in Plunkett letter of 16 Apr]. Capt. Murray in the Mary Gally of Barbadoes refused to trade but for 4000 Gall’ns of Rum. Charge him with £10 per Cent for his protection. Receive from him £80 value in Rum.

Arrive the Farlton and Filsly both from Liverpool, and the Reynolds, Captain Christian from London. Trade with him for his Cargo am’ting to the Value of 155 Slaves. Contracted with Capt. Green for his Cargo, consisting of 7000 Gall’ns of Rum and Some dry Goods to deliver him Men Slaves at £26 and Women at £18 each. Trade disturbed by quarrels in the Up-Countrys.

Proposal for delivering Slaves to the Compa’s Creditors at £14. per head, and with the advancement of £10,000 in Sortable Goods they would in two Years time clear the incumbrances occasiond by the Subscription at Mr. Johnson’s coming over. A Meeting with the King of Cuiffdroe*, hope to establish Ofiicers in the County of Fetue.

Mr. Baille arrives from Whydah, complains of the decay of Trade on that Coast by reason of Pyrates.** He is ready to deliver up that Charge agreeable to his Contract with Mr. Johnson, which they shall postpone for some time.

Mr. Branston dyed at Whydah; only 4 White men living there, viz: the Gunner, Serjeant, Surveyor, and Bom boy.

Pyrates design to range on the Coast to Windward till end of Febry, then for the Coast of Brazil, and thence to Madagascar. Pyrates take 2 large French Ships.

Mr. Booth appointed Chief at Winnebah, and Mr. Young at Dixcove in the room of Mr. Franklin, whom they design to employ in the Accompting house. . . . Received into the Warehouse Some Goods from Capt. Green on acc’t of Mr. Morna till called for.

A Portuguese Vessell arrives at Dixcove.



* Guiforo, north of Cape Three Points


** “London . . . There is an Account that the Pirates have done a great deal of Mischief on the Coast of Guiney, and have taken and plundered ships to the Value of 2000 1. upon one of which ships and Cargoe, it is said six Thousand Pounds were insured here” (Boston News-Letter, June 9, 1720). “London, April 11. We hear that the African Company have received an account from the Coast, that since their Letters from thence, the Peterborough Gally of Bristol, Capt. Owen, and the Victory of London, Capt. Rideout, were fallen into the Hands of the Pyrates, who had plunder’d the latter and let her go, but had taken the former and fitted her up for a Pyrate” (ibid., July 4, 1720). “London, April 30. Our Merchants have an Account, that the ship Europe, Capt. Bound, has been taken by the Pirates on the Coast of Guiney, baden with slaves for the River Plata in the Spanish West Indies. The Pirates have done great damage and infest that Coast, and ruin Commerce, to the great Detriment of our Merchants.” Ibid., July 18, 1720.