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Letter of Robert Plunkett to RAC — 30 Apr 1719

Letters – Robert Plunkett - 30 Apr 1719

From T 70/19, f. 165


Rio Serraleon Aprill 30th. 1719 Mr. Robert Plunkett Writes Vizt.


This Serves to give yo.r a breif Acct. of ye. Affairs in the fc. Parts, wch is very Miserable ye. factory at Bence Island being burnt ye 22d Ulto by 3 Pyrates who arrived in this River[.] One [Cocklyn in Rising Sun] of them arrived here the 7th Ulto. the Other 2 [Davis in King James; LeVasseur in Murrane] ye 18th Do. from Gambia after having taken y.t fort burnt & Destroyed y.t Factory being two large Ships [Rising Sun and King James] and a Brigantine [Murrane] wth about between 3 or 400 Men y.r Ship Dispatch [RAC ship; Capt. Wilson] mete wth ye Same fate as did Expermt. last Year just Coming nito [into] ye. River from Cape Coast the very Day they Designed from hence being ye 23 Inst. Since their Departure was on board ye Dispatch but know not his from Me[,] Doane [a name?] nor what Goods he has bro.t [brought] he having Neither Letters or any Other papers by him, but all taken away by ye Pyrates as he tells Me - this Ship being in haste Can give you no further Acct.