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Judgment of Comm. Thomas Mathews—26 Dec 1724

Court – Judgment of Comm. Thomas Mathews —26 Dec 1724

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From: John Biddulph, The Pirates of Malabar; and an Englishwoman in India Two Hundred Years Ago (London, Smith, Elder, 1907), 200.


[26 Dec 1724]

        The Court, having read the complaints of the Directors of the E. I. Co. [East Indian Company] of several irregularities said to be committed by Captain Thomas Matthews while Commander-in-Chief of a squadron of his Majesty's ships sent to the East Indies, a Publication being made three several times, if any Person or Persons were attending on behalf of the said Directors, in order to prove the several matters therein contained, and not any appearing, the Court proceeded on the complaints exhibited by Captain Covil Maine [captain of HMS Shoreham], and having strictly examined into the several particulars and matters therein contained and heard divers witnesses upon oath, they are unanimously of opinion, that the said Captain Matthews hath in all respects complied with his Instructions, except that of receiving Merchandize on board before the late Act of Parliament, Intituled an Act for the more effectual suppression of Piracy, came to hand, but not afterwards; and it appearing to the Court, that he had sent men irregularly to Merchant Ships, and finding he falls under the 33rd Article of War, they have Resolved he be Mulcted [fined] four Months' pay, and that the same be applied for the benefit of the Chest of Chatham, and he is hereby mulcted accordingly.

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