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John Pery, RAC Secretary to Joseph Bingham of Plymouth — 1706

Letters – John Pery to Joseph Bingham— 1706

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British Treasury T 70/44: Royal African Company (RAC) correspondence, John Pery - RAC Secretary

Concerning Bingham’s vessel Barbados Merchantman, Capt Jonathan Deble (until 1706), then under Capt. John Russell


Plimouth Mr. Joseph Bingham, London ye. 20th June 1706


Sr:/ In answer to yo.s of ye 16th Currt. [June 1706] I have proposed yor. ship [Barbados Merchantman] to ye Royll African Compa. & they have ordered me to write you to make answer to ye [par]ticulars herewith sent you & they will entertaine yor. ship into their Service for Guiney & the West Indias - the prizes [prices] they last gave [for a slave] was L10 [per] head to Barbadoes & ye Leeward Islands & L11 to Jamaica, I will doe ye best for you I can[.] being Sr       yor. humble Servt.

                  John Pery


[P.S.] what heighth between Decks abaft ye Main Mast & also what heighth from mainmast to foremast, from Plank to Planke wth. ye breadth from inside to inside, & Length from ye Bulke head of the Gunroome to ye foremast between Decks -

How many Negroes you propose to Carry

You must Carry 8 men & 15 Tuns water Casks to every hundred Negroes

You must carry ye goods outward bound freight free

Must provide a Negro furnace shackles & a mill & take in ye Goods at Portsmouth



Plymth  Mr. Bingham    Londn.  15 1706


Sr. The R.A.C. have Considred yor last proposall and are come to a Resolution that yor Ship shall take in 450 Negroes and no more by reason she is a Crank Ship.

They Expect she shall be sheathed & that the Mates & Surgeons must be such as have used the Guinea Trade. I hope you will not make any furthr. Scruple but [per] next advise when she will be ready to Sale [sail] to Portsmouth to take in the Compa. goods remaining there ready for her[.] Sr I am

Yor humble Servt.

J Pery Secy.



Plimouth Mr. Jos. Bingham

Sr. I layd yr letter before the Comsr. of shipping[.] they are not willing to recomend a Captn. for you Because they will not be answerable for any miscarriage that may happen. There is one Captn. John Russell that has Servd. the Compa. he had the misfortune to be taken by the French. he tells me he has friends & Relations in ye country that will be Security for him. I believe if you approve of him he will be acceptable to the Compa. I refer you to yr friends letters by [this?] post[.] as to the other [ghanters?] in yr letter & [reinagne?] Sr pray[?] h:S: JP

London 22 Augt 1706




Plimouth Mr. Wm. Addis

I am advised the compa.s Ship the Greyhound is got to yr post pray assist Captn. Greene in w[hic]h he may want & advise him to take the Benefitt if the first contry to the Et:ward

Mr. Bingham may be informd by Captn. Greene of the quallification of Captn. Jetra. Collins who went out to Guinea one of his Mates & as a man experienced in the Guyney trade he will be acceptable to he compa. to goe mate on his Ship pray give my Service to Mr. Bingham & desire him to Send me up the [gritation?] he has & when he has find you a Captn. I will get another station for him[.] Sr I am y h:S: JP Secy

24 Augt. 1706



Plimouth Mr. Joseph Bingham / London ye 10 Septembr. 1706

The Royall African Company have considered the alterations you have made in the Charterparty And for answer, they agree to take yor Ship at 450 Negroes certain and no more. You are to provide 15 Tunn of Cask for each 100 Negroes & send your ship to Portsmouth, they will not run the risque of sending them, in a small vessell nor the loading & unloading them, so often they insist likewise on 30 days to load 100 hhds [hogsheads] of Sugar and on all the rest of the Covenants in the Charterparty which are Comon with all Men and the Compa. will not alter them. So you are desired to send your answer [per] next that they may take other Measures about their goods if you shall not think fitt to comply[.]

Sr I am

Your humble Servant

Jon Pery secry


[P.S.] Sr I have Delivered Captn. Russell a Protection & hope you will not dispute ye Common Covts in ye Charterparty from wch they will not Deviate[.]

Yrs JP


70/2 f.44


[In Margin:] Certificates of ye Compa:s Sevts: Private trading formerly sent (Per) Sr Dalby]

  Effects apart by ye Commadore but wee have no other Certificates of Your servants Private Trading then what was formerly sent Your hono:rs by Sr. Dalby, Copies of wch: shall be sent wth ye other Papers

[In Margin:] Sr Dalby Suspitious of Mr Walters' private trade wth ye French &c.]

  Wee are Sensible Sr Dalby Thomas in his Life time has severall times taken Notice to your hono:rs that he was Suspitious of Mr Walters being Concerned in making private Trade wth: ye French Portuguese &c:a but Sr Dalby nor we since his Death Could ever gett proofs thereof

  We shall Observe to send Your honours a Distinct Accot: of ye Receipt & Disposall of ye Goods Stores & Provisions Directed by her Majesty for ye support & Maintainance of Your hono:rs Servants & Settlm:ts on this Coast but we doe not rightly apprehend how we must give Yor hono:rs a distinct Accot of ye Cargoe of Goods sent P[by] ye Pindar that was Supplyed by her Majesty since ye most part thereof will be Invested into Slaves for Yor  hono:rs ships,...

[In Margin:] stores & Provisions for ye Support & Maintainance of ye Compa:s Servt:s Settlements

... So that we suppose it is meant to give a Particular Accot: of ye Vallue of those Goods here, & when ye said is Expended for ye support of Your servt:s to send An Accot: thereof te Yor hono:rs

[In Margin:] Ye Factors have ?ot time to ?servle 1/12 Sr Dalby Thomas Accot:]

  Yor hono:rs Directed us to send You an Accot: how Sr: Dalby Thomas' Accot: stands as to what he had out of the Warehouse ye Accot of Cannoe hire and  tabling - But since our time he had nothing but what was Accot:s & paid for Excepting some Cattle the Accot: of Cannoe hire has not been kept by Sr  Dalby since Mr. Brown's time nor has there been any Accot: of tabling kept since Mr Cheigneaus's time whose Journalls Yor hono:rs has read however we shall Endeav: to settle it as well as we Can and send it to Yor hono:s but they being so intricate hope you will please to Execute us if its not done so Exactly as may be Expected

[In Margin:] ?esires Mr Robt: Masson prferr'd to ?? Factor]

  Mr. Robt. Mason who has been instructed at Succundee (ever since ye Death of Mr. Timo. Fish) having served Your hon:s his Contracted time in ye  Station of Writer and is willing to Continue in Your hono:s service Conditionally he may be preferred to be a Factor and he having given security for  ye same in England, We have thoughtfull at his request to Imploy him as such w:ch we hope Yor hono:s will approve of ...


f. 52


... thank yor Hono:rs for minding us of it. as:to ye Returns on ye Accot: of ye ten P[er] Cent shall rein it ye Balla: that Accot: by ye Pindar Galley we have not been able this year to receive ye 10 P[er] Cent Duty tho often demanded, we hope by that time to receive it -

[In Margin:] Acct: from ye Customs house of all Vessels - Entrd for Guinea -

  Inclosed You have Accot: from ye Custome house Books of all ye Vessels entered for Guinea since ye Comenencm:t of ye Act of Parliam:t but Could not yett gett from ye Nevill [Naval] Officer a List of those entered Inwards the dayly Promised as to ye Cask for Sugr & Rum you sent P[by] ye Barbados Merch:t Jno. Deble & ye hopes delivered P[by] ye Lane frig:tt & ye Iron hoops &ca P[by] ye Greyhound Collo Bullard reced them those by England and Black we reced & have shipt all Could be made Serviceable on board your ships at Sundry times many of ye Staves were broke and unserviceable for anything as you have been sundry times Advised and Particularly in May 1709 and March 1709/10...


T 70/9 f. 5


Plimouth 6th & 8th December 1706 Mr Joseph Bingham desires an order (Notwithstanding ye Charterparty) that his ship Barbados Mercht. may take in 550  Negroes or as many as she can handsomely take in That ye ship arrived there ye 8th from Portsmouth

  Portsmo. Messrs. James and John Arnold intres of 8th. 9th. 13th. December 1706 advise the Barbadoes Mercht. sailed ye 7th & that ye [Leing tre?] of 28 Ult:o was delivered to Capt. Russell but that of ye 5h they return

  Desire an order to take aboard 3 Cask of Groul from on board ye Hoy that took in ye Beans & delivered them at Deal

  That they have done what they could to get Mr. Chidley's papers &c.e but to no purpose


Plimouth 10 December 1706 Capt.n John Russell advises his arrival there

 That ye ship is capable to stow Wood & Water for seven hundred Slaves as Capt.n Bond can inform


T 70/5 f. 33


Cabo Corso Castle [Cape Coast Castle] [in margin:] P[er] the Roberts - Adventure a 10 P[er] Ct. Ship to Jamaica from thence P[er] Bredah Man of Warr Rec'd 28 Nov. 1707.

  25 Aprill 1707. Sr. Dalby Thomas Advises of the Broughton departed hence for England ye 15 ffebry. last. also of ye. Pindar Gally and Greyhounds arrivall that ye. latter was dispatcht for Serra Leon ye. 4th. Aprill with a Cargo yo ye. amount of 53.Mks 00:oz 9:as Supplyes ye. Leward ffactoryes P[er] Pindr. Gally

  Designd ye. Pindar to Windward but was Sent to Laccardo to Stop ye. proceedings of ye. Dutch who went to hinder us having Oystershells there.

  That our People made a good stand against ye. Dutch and had ye. honour of ye. day, and brought ye Autes People to the terms wee desired

  that ye Antre Cabasheers declared ye. Ground belonged neither to English or Dutch, but either of them should have what Oyster shells they wanted pating for them

  that John Cabess is hearty for ye. Compa.

  that ye. fflying ffance from Antigua was arrived & was not fit to carry the Negroes she went for, was ill found, and that the West India Vessells & Mastrs. were Generally bad.

  that ye Dutch were drawing a force against John Cabess. Advises of ye. Barbadoes Mercht. being taken.


Whidah Rec'd 28 Nov 1707   14 Aprill 1707 Capt. John Russell late of ye Barbados Merchant Advises that ye 3d of Aprill he fell inyo ye hands of a Letter of Mart a ffrench ship of 32 Gunns. 150 Men called ye Andromedae bound for Whidah

  that he was taken about 30 Leagues to ye Ett.ward of ye River Andrewar abt. 30. leagues to ye Et.ward of Cape Patinos on ye Coast of Guinea


Whidah Rec'd 28 Nov 1707   14 Aprill 1707 Capt. Richd. Willis Advises Sr. Dalby of the loss of ye Barbads. Mercht. as before advised and that ye Said ffrench ship took a portugues also of Considerable vallue

  that ye ffrench talk of Slaveing ye Barbads. Mercht.

  Desires Sr. Dalby Ordr. about Mr. Hilliard ffactor. who came passengr. in ye Barbadoes Merchant

  that ye. ffrench have raised their reputacon with the Blacks again by bringing in ye 2 prizes abovementioned

  that there is now in ye Road two ffrench Shipps the one of 36 the other of 30 Gunns bound to Martenicco thinks it would be worth while for ye. Men of Warr at Barbadoes to Cruize for them


Whidah Rec'd 28 Nov 1707   14 Aprll. 1707. Capt. John Russell advises Sr. Dalby as before advised of ye Loss of ye Barbadoes Merchant & complaining of Collins


Cape Coast Castle Rec'd 28 Nov. 1707   25 Aprll. 1707 Josias Collins late Mate of the Barbads. Mercht. Advises as before of ye taking Said Ship and that Capt. Russell behav'd himself very ill in the loss of her.

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