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Wood Rogers Esq. late Governor of the Bahama Islands—11 Sep 1721

Depositions – Woodes Rogers - 11 Sep 1721

Z-5-153N - British Library Add Ms 40813


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Wood Rogers Esq. late Governor of the Bahama Islands In America aged Near Forty Years, being Sworne on the Holy Evangelist Declares


That in his Passage from his Government he Stop't at So. Carolina, for sev. Weeks, during which time he heard often from the Gentlemen & Traders at Charles Town That one Capt. [Richard] Tookerman had lately left that Place clandestinly and had gotten by Land to Virginia, and from thence; was gone to Barbados, from whence, they had advice that he run away with a Sloop, and it was Generally reported wth. this Depont. [Rogers] left Charles Towne in June last [1721]. This said Tookerman was a Pirating, and it was feared that he would Come on the Coast of Carolina, having threated Several Gentmn. & Traders there; And this Same Tookerman as the Depot. is well informed is now brought from Jamaica by Edwd. Vernon has discovered a late agreement between Dan'l Porter & this said Tuckerman, & this Depot. verily Believes that Daniell Porter (Since he received his Majesties Act of Grace) has been and is Still on a Piraticall Accot:; To the said Danl. Porter Rann away with his Brother Thoms. Porter from Providence in June one Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty, in a Sloop Called the May Flower, and the sd. Thomas Porter and his Brother Dan'l: as this Depot. has been informed, has Since been Guilty of Several Acts of Piracy in the Same Sloop _ The above said Tuckerman has been also for some time past Remarkable for Corresponding with Pirates, and he himself has been at Providence in a Sloop Commanded by one Joseph Parmyter of which he was the Reputed owner, before this Depot.: arrived. That and what he has heard farther of ye aforesaid Tuckerman has been from Mr. Rhett and Mr. Conyers and other Inhabitants at and Traders to Carolina, many of whom are now in Towne, and likewise from Capt. Albert Miller of Bristol whose affidavit he has writt for thence, and further Sayeth Not. Dated In London Septembr. the 11th 1721


Woodes Rogers


Jurat Corum ime 11 Die September

Anno Domi. 1721

W. Conne