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Capt. Edward Vernon to ?? Beswick —20 Sep 1721

Letters – Vernon to Beswick —20 Sep 1721

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London September 20th 1721


I have reced both your letters of the 5th & 15th of July, but the Jamaica Courant, you mention to be inclosed in one of them, in in relation to Tuckerman's Character, is not come to hand, I think the letter I have is called a Copy, so probably it may yet arrive, I think I have yett over that Affair, finding Sufficient Evidence here, of Both Felloney and Piracy against him for which I believe he will to Morrow be Ordered for Carolina to be tryed for them, the most Materiall facts being there Committed.


The Bond of Yours you have sent me the Copy of, is the first notice that ever I received from You of your having Given it so that I presume your Imaginary friend K----y has Surprised you into it since my leaving the Country. For Your Directions in Your Proceedings in that Affair he has no Power or Authority to Proceed in the manner he does and will be Lyable to all the Damages the Partys may Suffer, by his Extra judicial proceedings, and I doubt but of Merchants concerned in Losses by the Spaniards here; will soon procure the Same to be Signified to him from the Secretary of State here. But this ships bagg goes down from the Coffee House to Night so no Notice can come by this Occasion or before, that the Governour's Proceedings in relation to the Indigo Seizure is intirely Condemned, & mine approved of, and Restitution Ordered, for what was taken away and the Damages Suffered thereby, and that ye Revenue Act, by which he Pretended to Justify his Proceedings is likewise rejected, never having been Confirmed at home. I send You Likewise inclosed a Copy of the Board of Trade Report and Order of Councill Upon it, desiring You will Communicate it to the Merchants and others Sufferers by his last Seizure that they may take timely Measures for indemnifying themselves for their Losses by his Illegal Proceedings in that matter.


All the Publick Papers will inform You of Your New Governor and You will hear soon of a New Attorney General for all his Artfull indeavours to play at Saveing After Games, he being to well known now to impose longer on any this side of the Watter, Tho' all that know him must Confess, he has an appearing Innocency that would impose on any one, for the first time, but when that Method is once discovered, it does not make him appear in very Aggreable Colours.


I have Waited on the Navy Board on Your Account, as I promise You I would to desire they would Allow You a Hundred Pound Sterling a Year for the Execution of the Office I placed You in, they Approve very well of what I have done in it, and thought it reasonable on my representation to make you that Allowance, But said they must first procure the Admiralty's Orders for it, so that I think you may look on that as an affair ended and I hope You will for Your own and my Sake take Care to return them regularly, Quarterly Account of proceeding in that Office.


I am

Your Friend & humble

Servt EV


To Mr. Beswick at Jamaica



BL Add Ms 40, 813 (1721 Sept. 20)


NC Archives Call # 79.619.1

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