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Capt. Edward Vernon to Adm. Secr. Josiah Burchett —30 Oct 1721

Letters – Vernon to Burchett —30 Oct 1721

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Ocbr the 30th 1721


Since Tookerman & Wills being released by the Hab. Corpus they have brought Actions agst me of Sevll Thousand popund Damages for Assault and Battery the eagubly? determine them wch will be Speedily brought to Tryall -

The Reasons of my bringing Tookerman & Wills ygeaths? with ye Proofs of Crimes Charged upon him haveing been laid before their Condition as by them refuses to their Council to Report his Opinion for their Lordships Consideration how for so might be to Order the Prosecution of said Tookerman for ye Crime Sworn agst him & it being further Order'd by their Lordships that to Severall fosdovices? who had Deposed in this Case should again be Sworne before ye Court of Admiralty who were accordingly brought there for that purpose but before sd Depositions were taken Tookerman and Wills were brought up and Discharged by the Habs. Corpus.

I am advised by my Councill that in Makeing my Defense agst these Actions it will be necessary of bring Evidence to prove these Masters? have been ??? by me before there Lordships and that they gave Orders thereupon that are above Mentioned. My Humble desire therefore is that if Mr. Jobber has not already laid before their Lordships an Accot. of wt passed in their Affair at Doctor's Commons he may be required to do it without delay and that of may be allowed to make such Use of it as my Tryall as my Counicil shall advize.

And haveing Acted in this Whole Affair with no other View but the Discharge of my Duty as I thought it incumbent on me, I think it hard to find myself attacked for it in Such a Manner aglr? indeavouring to bring a Notorious Offender to Answer for his friends to bring ???? as a Criminal at his Pursuit.


I am

Sr. Your Most Humble

Servt EV


To Secretary Burchett ????


BL Add Ms 40,806


NC Archives Call# 79.589.1

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