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HMS Scarborough, 11 Jun 1718-22 Jul 1718 log entries

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Capture of pirate Olivier LeVasseur de la Buse’s 18 crewmen at Isle of Blanco

A prize condemned on Island of Nevis

HMS Scarborough - Capt. Francis Hume - ADM 52/277 Master’s Log


Bearing and Location

Remarkable Observations

11 Jun 1718

at noon ye Do. Goat key Bo. NWbW. 3 L[eagues]

Do. At 6 AM: We unmoard & at 8 We Weaighed & Towd out ye Bay

12 Jun 1718

at Do. Marigalant Bo., S40. E.10

First Do. Latter Partt. Fresh Gales Cloudy & Dry Wather at 6 PM: ye Eastermost of ye Goate keys Bo. NE1/2E. 4 miles at 8 AM ye West Eand of Margereta Bo. SE1/2 5 L[eagues]

13 Jun 1718

at noon ye West Eand of Blank[o] - Bo ENE 2 miles

Fresh Gales Cloudy & Dry Wather, at 1 PM: We Law Ridng under ye West Eand of ye Isle of Blanko a Ship & a Sloop ye Latter on Sight of us, (after Two Boats Pasing From one to ye oather) ye Sloop Waighd & Got To Saile upon which We Tack after him Macking Several Boards after him Finding him To Go From us We Left of our Chase & clu[']d Into ye Ship which We Found To Be a Pirat, who has Tacken ye Sloop ye Day Befor, (who was a Turtling under ye Lee of yt.[that] Island) which ye Piratts Made Ther Escape In, all Except 18 which We Found Found aboard ye Sloop with ye Master & 3 Men yt[that] Belonged to her, We anchor In 60 Fat[homs] Butt Lost our anchor & 63 Fathm of Cable, having Gott Foul of a Rock

14 Jun 1718

at noon Blanko. Bo. S.g.E. 22 Leagues

Fresh Gales with Dry waher moast Part at 3 PM ye ISL of Blanko Bo. E61/2 6 Le[ague]s at 5 We Tuck ye Prize In Tow With our Cable

15 Jun 1718

at noon. Do. S.2.E. Dist. 45 Leagues

Do. With Raine at Times

29 Jun 1718

In Old Road St. Cristovers [St. Christopers-St. Kitts]

Do. At 6 PM We anchord In Old Road at St. Christovers In 7 Fathoms ye Church Bering NW6W & Bloodey Pt., SE1/2E, We answerd a Salute with 5 Gunns. We Moard with Stream Cable & anchor

6 Jul 1718

at noon Neavis [Nevis] Bo. E.S.E. 5. L[eagues]

Do. At 4 PM having all our Water Filld We Waighed PM we had our Prize Condemned By a Coart of admiralty at 6 ye old Town Bo. NE.2.M[iles?] at 8 AM ye Bodey of Neavis Bo NEbE 6 Leagues at 8 PM: we Tuck ye Prize In Tow at 10 ye hawser Broak at 6 AM Tuck him In Tow againe

10 Jul 1718

at noon Mountceratt Bo. NEbN 7 Leagues

Moderat Gales Cloudey & Dry wather, at 6 PM we Waighed & Tuck ye Prize In Tow at 8 ye So. P[oin]t. of Navis [Nevis] Bo. ESE 2 Mile at 8 AM. Ye NW Pt. of Mount Serrat Bo. NEbN 6 Leagues

13 Jul 1718

at Do. 3/4 wt. Eand St. Vintcent Bo. ENE 5 Leagues

Squalley with Raine at Times at 10 AM y3 So. Eand of St. Vintcent Bo. E1/2S 5 Leagues

14 Jul 1718

at noon St. Lucia Bo. ENE 9 Leag's

Fresh Gales With Squales of Raine at 4 PM ye SW Pt. of St. Vintcent Bo. EbN 4 Leagues, at 1 AM our Tar Broak, & at 6 Tuck Him In Tow againe at a 11 We unbent our FTSl. [Fore Top Sail] & Bent another ye Foremer Being Splitt

15 Jul 1718

at Do. St. Vintcent ENE 2 Leagues

Do. At 12 In ye Night ye SW. Pt. of St. Vintcent Bo. SEbE 4 L[eagues]

16 Jul 1718

at Do. {ye Biggest of Sugar loafs [and] on St. Lucia Bo. EbS 9 Leagues

Litle wind & Fare wather at 6 PM ye So. Pt. of St. Vintcent Bo. NEbE 4 L[eagues] at 8 AM ye Biggest of ye Shugerloafs Bo. SEbE 4 Leagues

17 Jul 1718

at Do. Do. N 32 SE 7 Leagues

Do. With Sum Squalls of Rain at Times, at 6 PM ye Grand on Marteneok Bo. NE1/2N 8 Leagues, at 6 AM ye Dimond Bo EbN1/2 N 5 Leagues

18 Jul 1718

at Do. {ye SE Pt. of St. Lucia [and] Bo. NE1/2N 9 Leagues

Fresh Gales & Fare Wather at 6 PM: ye Biggest of ye Sugarloafes Bo ENE 4 Miles [-] at 12 In ye Night Do. NNE1/2E 9 Leagues [-] at 8 AM: ye Eastmost Pt. of St. Vintcent Bo. SSW 7 Leagues

19 Jul 1718

at Do. Do. N 32 W Dist. 17 Leagues

Moderat Gales With Shours of Raine, at 7 PM ye SE Pt. of St. Lucia Bo. N1/2 W. 5 Leagues PM We Caried away our Fortopsaile yard, We Rigd another

20 Jul 1718

at Do. Barbadoes Bo. NEbE 6 Leagues

Do. With Cloudy & Dry Wather, at 6 AM ye Island of Barbadoes Bo. NNE 10 Leagues This Day We Completed Cahling our Best Bour We unreaved For yt Servis - Flying Jebb Haliards mizen Staysaile haliards Fore Clewgarnetts & Fore Tackle Falles

21 Jul 1718

at Do. Neadhams Fort SEbE 5 Leagues

Do. With Sum Raine, at 6 PM, Neadhams Fort Bo. E1/2S 5 Leagues at 8 AM ye No. Pt. of Barbados Bo. E1/2N 4 Leagues

22 Jul 1718

In Carlisle Bay

Moderat, Gales & Fare Wather at 8 PM, Neadhams Fort Bo. E1/2S 2 Leagues at 11 AM We anchor In Carlisle Bay In 22 Fathoms ye Fort Bering SE1/2E & ye Church NbE


HMS Scarborough - Capt. Francis Hume - ADM 51/865 Captain's Logs


Bearing and Location

Remarkable Observations

Friday 13 Jun 1718

At Noon the Island of Blanco bore @ NE Dist 2 miles

Fresh Gales wth fair Weather, at 2 PM: see a Ship & Sloop at an anchor under ye  Isle of Blanco, at 1/2 pt 3 got within shot of them; ye Sloop Weighed & stood off & after Chasing & Firing Several Shot some of which went over her[,] She eat us out of ye Wind, however Continued till 1/2 pt. 4. then being a good distance off ye Ship who continued at an anchor, thought it proper to Secure her before Night at 1/2 pt 5 anchor'd in 50 fat[hom] water, Sent ye L[ieu]t. ab[oar]d & found her to be a Ship from Brazil had been taken in her way home by Capt. L. beur [La Buse] ye. Pyrate on b[oar]d. of whom he was Capt. & his People to ye Number of about 80 Men, himself & 60 more on their seeing us went on b[oar]d. this Sloop (wch. they had taken ye. day before at anchor here & from Neevis for Turtle) and have made yn.[then] Escape: at 6 Do. finding a Dark Night coming on & ye Prize lying Close into ye. Shore did not think it safe let her lye at Anchor all Night, our Ship being some distance off, at her bass Cable & got under Sail, at 8 Do. begun to heave in order to purchase her anchor, but after getting a Peak did our best endeavours to Weigh him with all ye. purchase we could make but on a Signal from ye Prize of a Gun & our having nigh 3 hours wth a great Strain of both Cap Storms, ar 1/2 pt. 11 Cut & got under Sail

14 Jun 1718

At 3 P.M. the Isle of Blanco bore EBS Dist ?? Le[ague]s - at Noon I judge Do. To b? SBEt E Dist 74 m[iles]

Mod[e]r[ate Gales & fair Weather, at 3 P.M. the Body of ye Island of Blanco bore EBS Dist 6 L[ea]g[ue]s, at 5 Do. Took ye Pyrate Ship in tow

17 Jun 1718

At Noon then Set of St. C?? Bore NEBS Dist. 5 L[ea]g[ue]s I judge my Couse from ye I[sle] of Blanco for St. Cruiz to be 3d W Dist 344 M[iles] Mer. Dist 18 ??

Mod[e]r[ate Gales & Cloudy Weather, at 5 this Morn made the Island of St. Cruiz the Est. Point bearing NE 1/2 Dist 5 Lgs [Leagues]


29 Jun 1718

At an Anchor in the Old Road St. Kitts [aka St. Christophers], the Church NWBW & bloddy pt. SEE

Mod[e]r[ate Gales & & Cloudy Weather, at 6 p.M.: Anchor'd in ye. Old Road St. Kitts Do. Moor'd Ship wth ye Stream Anchor & Cable

5 Jul 1718

At Noon ye. So. Point of Navis [Nevis] bore ESE Do. 5 Lgs [Leagues]

Fresh Gales wth Squals of Rain, having Condemn'd ye Pyrate Ship before ye. Judge of Adm[iral]t[y] at 5 P.M. we weigh'd & the Prize in tow

10 Jul 1718

At Noon ye Body of Monserrat bore NEB? Dist 6 Lgs [Leagues]

Mod[e]r[ate Gales wth Cloudy Weather at 6 PM: Weigh'd after having tendr'd the Pyrates here to ye Government for a Tryal, but excused in writing their Law not being Sufficient to try them, Do. took ye Prize in tow