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Following Quest for Blackbeard, Brooks explores the genealogies of various pirates in similar depth in Brooks’ Dictionary of Pyrate Biography, currently in the planning stages.

Brooks has over 35 years of experience in genealogical research, has worked as a professional genealogist, and lately studied in the Maritime Studies Program at East Carolina University as a professional historian.

His upcoming peer-reviewed article, “ ‘Born in Jamaica of Very Creditable Parents’ or ‘A Bristol Man Born’? Excavating the Real Edward Thache, ‘Blackbeard the Pirate’ “ in the July issue of North Carolina Historical Review includes the genealogy of the most famous pirate of them all!

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Check out these videos about QAR, Blackbeard, and Pirates of the Caribbean

“Blackbeard The Pirate: Recovering Artifacts From The Queen Anne's Revenge”

Interview with former QAR director Richard Lawrence about excavating Blackbeard’s ship—reminiscing on the early days!

The Scariest Ship to Ever Sail the Seven Seas

Angus Konstam discusses the types of vessels used by pirates, including the Queen Anne’s Revenge.

The Queen Anne's Revenge project of the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources is more than Blackbeard and pirates. It's about educating the next generation on colonial life, making a true economic impact in the Crystal Coast region and creating partnerships to foster breakthroughs in archaeological research.

History Channel | The Real Story of the Pirates of the Caribbean

This tells the story of piracy throughout the Caribbean, from Buccaneers like Henry Morgan, to Queen Anne’s War, the wreck of the Spanish plate fleet in 1715, and the Golden Age of Piracy. This tells that “Edward Teach” was an alias! That most certainly has changed… as much of the popular info in this video—the affects of reading A General History far too closely!

Many of our friends appear from the Maritime Studies Program and the QAR Conservation Lab on East Carolina University’s campus, including Lawrence Babits, David Moore, L. K. Schnitzer, Linda Carnes McNaughton, Nathan Henry, Kim Kenyon, and Cmdr. Scott McAloon of the Coast Guard Cutter Smilax.

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