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Alexander Spotswood to George Gordon—24 Nov 1718

Letters – Spotswood to George Gordon—24 Nov 1718

ADM 1/1826 3019  NC Archives Call #72.1116.1


Williamsburgh Novemb: the 24th. 1718


Having just now receiv'd advice by a Person from North Carolina, that 'tis reported there, the Pyrats at Okerecock have been join'd by some other Pyrat crews, & are increas'd (as 'tis said) to 170 men; I think it necessary to inform you thereof; lest if the Sloops should happen to miscarry, those Pyrats should attempt the Men of Warr, while you are weakn'd by such a Detachment from your Ships; I therefore recomend to you to be on your guard & to caution the Officers of the Lyme allso to keep on board for fear of a Surprise.

I shall be impatient till I hear further from Carolina, & wish for some better news from thence then what I now tell you. I am,



Your most humbl. Servt.

A. Spotswood


True Coppy

Geo. Gordon