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Capt. Ellis Brand to Admiralty—8 Apr 1719

Letters – Brand to Admiralty—8 Apr 1719

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ADM 1/1472 8 Apr 1721




In Answer to yours of the 6th Instant I am to Acquaint you for there Lordships information that as soon as I arriv'd in England I gave there Lordships An Account of the proceedings of One [Richard] Fitzwilliams a Costom house Officer in Virginia as being an Agent for the pyrats and in what Manner we ware perplext with law Suits;

The person that was then Lawyer for this known notorious pyrat, was Mr. Holloway, who then was judge of the Vice Admiralty Court in Virginia and indeed the Only man as a lawyer that Capt. Gordon and I did design to Apply our selves to, for the proceeding Against this pyrat but we was presented, by the pyrats haveing retained him with a fee of three Ounces of Gold dust, upon this we Applied to the Governor, who condemn'd the proceedings of Mr. Holloway so much that he thought fitt in the Most publick's manner att one of there Generall Courts, to tell Mr. Holloway that he had proceede'd in a most Unwarrantable way, in taken a fee from such a known Villain, Against the Capns: of his Majesties Ships,

From that time Mr. Holloway ceas'd to Act as judge of the Court of Vice Admiralty, during the time I was in Virginia;

I beg leave to refer there Lordships, to a letter from the Governor of Virginia to them in the Year Nineteen about the Above mention'd Fitzwilliam ware there is mention made of a humursome Lawyer which is this Holloway;

Nor Ought I to Omitt what pass'd so late as Janury. last, when Capt: Gordon my self and Fitzwilliams had a hearing before the Commissrs: of the Costoms, ware we Alledged, Against him [Holloway] that he had been the Author of our being Arrested and trouble'd with law suits,

I very well remember in his Own justification to the Commissrs: he told them that the whole proceedings Against us, and in favour of the pirat was carried On by Mr Holloways directions

And in this Manner has pyrats been countinanc'd abroad, Against us, by persons immediately in his Majesties Service, when wee have been putting there Lordships Orders in Execution; since I am writing On this Subject I hope there Lordships will not think it forreign from the Matter; to mention to them, that at our hearing before the Commiss[ioner] of the Costoms, we did make good our just complaint Against there Officers corresponding with the pyrats, yett there is so favorable a report made to the Treasury that he is still continued and we discountinancd; I am



your Most Obt: humble

Servt: to Commd


Ellis Brand



Aprill 8: 1721


Vide Ld. Orkneys Lrc

4: Aprl. 1721




Richard FitzWilliam, 5th Viscount FitzWilliam

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Richard FitzWilliam, 5th Viscount FitzWilliam PC (c. 1677 – 6 June 1743) was an Irish nobleman and politician. He was the only son of Thomas FitzWilliam, 4th Viscount FitzWilliam and his first wife Mary Stapleton, daughter of the English statesman Sir Philip Stapleton.[1] The FitzWilliam family are recorded in Ireland from about 1210, and had become one of the largest landowners in Dublin. He succeeded to the Viscountcy of FitzWilliam in 1704, and became a member of the Irish Privy Council in 1715. He was elected Member of Parliament for Fowey in 1727, a seat he held until 1734.[2] His father and grandfather had been Roman Catholics, and his father had been under attainder for a time for his loyalty to James II;[3] but Richard conformed to the Church of Ireland.


Oddly, Wikipedia shows no history of FitzWilliam in association with Virginia.

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