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John Freeman of Ostend Galley or City of Ostend (formly Greyhound)Mar 1723

Deposition – John Freeman of “Ostend Galley” - Mar 1723

S. Charles Hill, “Episodes of Piracy in the Eastern Seas, 1519 to 1851” Indian Antiquary, v. 49 (April 1920), 61-62

 5. The End of the "Cassandra." On the—March 1723 John Freeman, Second Mate of the "Ostend Galley" [Ville d’Ostende, City of Ostend; former Greyhound] deposed that he was taken by the Cassandra [under LeVasseur] at Don Mascarenhas [La Bourbon or, today, La Réunion] in April 1721. The Ostend Galley was taken thence to St. Mary's in Madagascar, but having been sent down the coast for a mast the Dutchmen and Portuguese on board, finding themselves with only two pirates, put the latter ashore and escaped with the ship. Freeman said that no less than eighty of the pirates died at St. Mary's. In December they sailed thence, the Victoria [Defense] with 64 guns and 100 men and the Cassandra with 40 guns and 100 men. At Tullear Bay [Toliar; slightly north of San Augustin] on the west coast of Madagascar they took a French ship of 200 tons and burnt her. Thence they went to St. John's [River Road; SW Africa (South of Delagoa Bay) (Umzimvubu River)] and Dillego [Delagoa Bay] then to Mozambique [Maputo?] and to Massaledge [modern Majanga; NW coast of Madagascar], where they parted company, the Victoria [Defense], now carrying 220 men, with a small sloop of 20 guns going to St. Mary's and the Cassandra, via the Cape, St. Helena, the Assiento [Ascension Island], Fernando Po, and the Island Rube [Aruba], to the Shamblan Keys [San Blas Islands] in the West Indies. [India Office Miscellaneous Letters Received, Vol. 14, No. 162.]


And, now for the original….

IOR 1/14 John Freeman Deposition

An Accot. of the Pyrates Giving by John Freeman 2 Mate of the Ostend Galley who was taking at Don Maskareen Apr 1721

Staying at Maskareen [La Réunion] about three days went from thence to ye Island St. Mary's near the Island of Madagascar being there abt. Six Weeks sending ye Ostend Galley downe [San Augustin?] for Mast there being on board of her some Dutchmen & some Portuguese & Some of the Pyrates the said Ostend Galley staying there abt. a Week[.] the Dutchmen and Portuguese finding an opportunity & having but 2 of the Pyrates on board turn'd them into ye boat & sent them ashoar Runn away with the Ship abt. 14 days afterwards[,] Sending down the Victory for Masts who came up again in about 10 or 12 days and gott them ashore for the Carpenters to make they buried at St. Mary's[Nosy Boraha.] abt. 80 men In December sailed from thence wth. 2 Ships one of 64 Gunns & abt. 250 Men and the other the Cassandra having 40 Gunns and 100 men Now came Tuller [Toliara, Toliar, or Tolear; just north of San Augustin] Harbour and takeing there a french ship of abt 200 Tunns they took out what was for their use & burnt the Hulk[.] the Pyrates staying at Tulleare [Toliara, Toliar, or Tolear] Harbour abt. 18 day's & from thence went up to [Port] Saint Johns and staying there abt. 2 months went from thence to Dillego [Delagoa] where finding a Dutch Dogger [Comptoir Hollande] of abt. 18 Gunns and a Forte of about 16 Gunns and staying there abt. 3 months went from thence to the Bay of Mozambique [Bay of Sofala] and Staying there abt. a month went over to Masseledge [Bombetaka Bay] were parted Company and the Cassandra coming to the West Indies wth. 110 Men and the Great Ship of 64 Gunns & 220 Men and the Small one [Comptoir Hollande] of 20 Gunns went both to Saint Mary's with Design to lay up till the Men of War was gone out of India [Seas.] the Pyrate as came to the West Indies came from Madagr. to ye Cape from the Cape to St. Helena & then to assiento [Ascension Island] where they got abt. twenty Turttle and from thence came to Fardinando Lorano [Ferdinando de Noronha—Brazil] & then to the Island Rube [Aruba?] staying there 24 hours gott there Sheep and Goats & some flower & then made the best of their way for ye Shamblan [San Blas Islands] Keys March 1723