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Harry Beverley to Alexander Spotswood— bef. 14 Aug 1716?

Letter – Beverley to Spotswood —bef. 14 Aug 1716?

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Letter of Capt. Harry Beverley, bef. 14 Aug. 1716?, Library of Virginia.



Sr. The argumts that I shall make use of if ever I have any tryal will be that all the advantage we expected from wrecks was to find some on the Bahama's in the King of Englands D[omains?] where we had the newes in Virga. of wreckt goods being found and that if arms were put on board to Secure us from Pyrates who were likely to spoyl ye Virginia Salt trade and would equally be dangerous to the Spanish Merchts. Ships.

And what I guess ye Covetous Don expects to Shelter himself under is what Servts and [the?] Indian slaves I had on board for the Sake of their freedom have told them that I was bound to Florida to join ye Jamaica men wch. was never my Intention wholly Contrary to my Instructions as may appear by being [??] in ye main Ocean nearest Bermudas of any land. they fired three Shott at us ye English Colours Ensigns being spread on board us, before they Comanded us on board them wch. came very near but did us no harm wch together wth. their other injurys how far it may make them guilty of Piracy I Submit to your Honbl. Judgmt. the Chief Comander is a French man born; has a wife and family in Madrid and Intends to go home from La Vera Cruz.

being forced to write in hast and in a crowd of Mulatta's hope yor goodness will pardon the Scribble and rudeness of these from

Yor Honbl. ever most obedient Servt


All that I can be certain of gaining by ye Voiage is a Certain Antidote agst. Popery we have ridiculous prayers to St Ignatius and ye rest of their Sts. twice a day and a Generall Swearing lying cursing Stealing cheating and all manner almost of Vice all ye rest of ye day & night.


See: Commission of the Privateer Virgin, Capt. Harry Beverley—15 June 1716

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