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John Pery, RAC Secretary to Joseph Bingham of Plymouth — 1705

Letters – John Pery to Joseph Bingham— 1705

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British Treasury T 70/43: Royal African Company (RAC) correspondence, John Pery - RAC Secretary

Concerning Bingham’s vessel Barbados Merchantman, Capt Jonathan Deble (until 1706), then under Capt. John Russell


T 70/43 [folio 283-286]



Mr John Addis    London ye-3d-March 1704/5

Sr / The Royall African Comp_a desire you to hire for them a good Ship that can depart with ye West India Convoy off 150 to 200 Tunnes on the same tearmes allready agreed wth Mr Jos. Bingham & they will under take to load her at Antigua

Sr I am Yor very humble Servt

John Pery Secry



Mr. John Addis   London March ye 5th 1705/5



The Company desire you to put ye Crane & what other things you have aboard their ship the Nicholson I have written you fully about Mr. Binghams proposall P[er] last post & have nothing to answer to yours of the 25th ultimo

Sr I am your very

humble servt John Pery secry



Mr John Addis    London ye-15th March 1704/5

Plimouth  Sr I have yors of ye-11th Curr.t & am directed by the Royall African Comp.a so informe you, that there will be another Convoy for ye West Indies to depart the 10th of Aprill, if Mr. Bingham getts his ship ready by that time the Comp.a will Continue their former Resolutions of entertaining her in theire.r[?] Service according to ye Stipulations allready agreed but of this they expect to be advised that they may not engage themselves with any other ship for that purpose  Sr I am

yor humble Servt

Jno Pery Secry




Mr. Joseph Bingham    London ye 24th March 1704/5

I have Communicated yors of ye 20th Currt. to ye Royal African Comp.a & am directed for answer to write you that next weak [week] you shall receive ye Charerparty

The Comp.a agree you shall have liberty to bring home five Tunns of any Port of Goods it being P[ro]mised the Comp.a are to pay the Freight agreed upon only for their own Goods as they Shal come out at ye Queens Beam

As for freight outward they have directed me to write to Mr. John Addis to stipulate that Matter with you _ Sr I am

Yor humble, Serv:t

John Pery secry


[margin:] To Mr. Bingham shipwright in Plym:o


If there be an imbargo in ye Port where your ship Lies it imports you to gett it off or give me directions about for ye Convoy is ready & waits ye arrivall of ye Merchtt ships at Plim:o where I wish yor ship were





Mr: John Addis     Lond:o ye 24th March 1704/5

I am wth yors of ye 20th Curr:t & P[er] same post at Lre from Mr. Bingham answer to wch pray Seal when you have read ye same.

The Comp.a desire you to put aboard Mr. Bingham's ship what staves you can gett I mean of Oak on reasonable terms such as are fitt to make Rum Casque & also what Sugar hhds or other Sugar Casque you can gett let them be shaken & put aboard

The Comp:a have agreed for 150 Tunn freight upon this Ship theyreferr [therefore] it to you to make what you can for them either with the Owners or any others for freight outward

It concerns Mr. Bingham to get his Ship to Plim:o to be ready to sail wth ye Convoy who stay for ye Merchants ships  Sr I am

Your humb Servt

John Pery secry



Plimo - Mr John Addis    London ye 27th March 1705

I hope the Wsterly Winds have brought Mr Binghams ship to Plim:o & that she will be ready to sail with ye next Convoy

Enclosed I send you a draught of ye Charterparties wch pray fill up ye blanks & return to me Executed by proper paries & upon receipt thereof I will send you ye Counter part under ye Comp:as Seal    Sr I am

Yor very humbl Servt





Mr John Addis    London ye 5th Aprill 1705

I am with yours of ye 1st Currant & have reced ye Charterparty from ye Owners of ye Barbados

This accompanies the Comp.a part as for Cask & Staves referr you to my Last wch is all I have in Command  Sr I am

Yor very humbl Servt

John Pery Secry


[PS] The Comp:a would gladly entertain a ship for Antigua if can gett one to go with this Convoy

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