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William Wade, master of William & Samuel—15 May 1718

Depositions – William Wade, 15 May 1718

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ADM 1/1982           [In letter of Thomas Jacob, HMS Diamond, then at Jamaica]




On the 15 day of May 1718 Voluntary Appear'd before me William Wade Owner and Master of the Sloop William and Samuel, and made Oath upon the holly Evangelist of Almighty God, that he this deponent put into the Island of Rattan in his way from the bay of Hinduras [Bay of Honduras] (where he had Loaded with Logwood) in the beginning of Febuary past, where came in a Ship of about 40 Guns & a Sloop of 10 Comand'd by Pyratts, the Masters name was Edward Thatch having in all about 250 Men (70 or thereabouts of which were Negroes) they had in company a Sloop they had taken that belonged belonged to this place [Jamaica] laden with Sarseperella and dry goods and a Ship in her ballance they had taken also; they orderd this deponent to throw out his Logwood, and made use of his Sloop with the rest of the Vessells to creen [carreen?] their Ship [QAR] and Sloop [Revenge], which when they had done and were fitted for the Sea, they burnt the Ship [Protestant Caesar] and Sloop [of Capt. James] they brought with them, and discharged this deponent & his Sloop (after a detainment of 11 Weeks) when they Sailed, at which time this deponent taking in his Logwood made the best of his way to this place where he arrived the 7 May Instant. Before they Sailed they told this deponent that they where going to the bay of Hinduras [Bay of Honduras] to burn what New England Vessels where [were] there, Saying they would serve all Vessells they should meet with of the Country [New England] so. they fa[r]ther Sundry times declared they doubted not but to take and have the _ _ C[ar]reening of his Maj[est]ys Ship the Adventure after which they would proceed to he Coast of Jamaica, and fa[r]ther he saith not.

Sworn to before me                       William Wade

Jno: Wyllys

A True Copy. Tho: Jacob


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