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Henry Bostock deposition, 19 Dec 1717

Depositions – Henry Bostock, 19 Dec 1717

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St. Christophers

Before the Honble William Mathew

Lieutenant General of His Majesty's Lands

and Lieutenant Governor of this Island Etc.


The Deposition of Henry Bostock Marriner

This Deponent being duly Sworne on the Holy Gospel Says that

in the Sloop Margaret of this Island whereof he was Master he on the 5th

day of this Instant December at Break of Day turning up from Porto

Rico met about ten Leagues to the Westward of Crab Island [Bequia] a large

ship and a Sloop. The Ship fired a Small Arm at him and then Hal'd

him ordering him to come on board which he with of his Men did

in his Cause Being conducted to the Quarter Deck to the person that was

called the Captain by the name (as he thinks) of Capt Tach, he asked

this Deponent what he had on board to which this answered

he had Cattle and Hogs then he said Capt Tach ordered his own boat

to be hoisted out to go on board and fetch them which they did (they were

four Beeves and about five and thirty Hogs) they took from him besides

two thirds of a Bll of Gunpowder five small arms two Cut-laces, His

Books and lnstruments and Some Linnen. This deponent declares

the Ship to be as he thinks Dutch Built, was a French Guinea man

(he heard on board) that she had then thirty Six Guns mounted, that

she was very full of Men he believes three Hundred that they told him

they had taken her about Six or Seven Weeks before, that they did not

seem to want provisions. That they kept him on board about Eight Hours

did not abuse him or any or his Men except the forcing of two of [his men]

To Stay With them whose Names were Edward Salter a Cooper formerly

Sailed with Capt George Moulton and Martin Towler. But one of his

men by name Robert Bibby... a Leverpool man voluntarily took on

with them. that he Saw a great deal of plate on board of them Tanka[rds?]

Cups &tc. particularly one his men took Notice of a very fine Cup

which they told him they had taken out of one Capt Taylor whom


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they had taken going from Barbados to Jamaica which Captain Taylor

they much abused, and as he this Deponent hears burnt his Ship

that they told this Deponent they bad burnt Several Vessels, among them

two or three belonging to these Islands, particularly the day before they had

burnt a Sloop belonging to Antego one Mr Gill owner they owned they

had met with the Man of Warr on this Station [HMS Scarborough], but said they had no

business with her, but if she had chased them they would have kept

their Way. This Deponent further Says that he told them an Act of

Grace was expected out for them but they Seemed to Slight it. This

Deponent Says the Captain was a tall Spare Man With a very black

beard which he wore very long. That among the Men one Is a

Nephew [Rowland Sharp; b.1692] to Doctor Rowland of this Island that sailed in Captain Joseph

Wood from this Island to London about three years ago, made himself

known to this Deponent enquiring after his said Uncle &tc. They asked this

Deponent whether there were any more Traders on the porto Rico

Coast which he this Deponent would not give them an Account of

but his men owned to them that there were two Traders on the Coast

one a French Sloop and the other a ["Dunc": Dutch?] from St. Thomas's that

while he was on board they ordered their Consort Sloop (on board

of which he heard there were about Seventy Men, to make Sail

and Chace along [the] Shoar to look for these Traders. This Dept

Says that by all he could guess from their Discourse they intended

for Samana Bay in Hispaniola to Careen and thence to lye in

Wait for the Spanish Armada that they expected should immediately

after Christmas come out of the Havana for Hispaniola and &

Porto Rico With ye money to pay the Garrisons this they declared to

him the Captain Saying (they think We are gone but we will

Soon be on the Backs of them unawares) they having been hereto-

fore on these Coasts.


This Deponent farther Says that they enquired of him

where was Captain Pinkethman that he told them he heard he


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was at St Thomas's with a Commission from the King to go

on the Wrecks.


This Deponent further saith that among other Riches he

believed they had much Gold Dust on board for that an Indian and

a Negro belonging to Bermuda (as this Defendent was informed

at Tortola &by the above Said Robert McGill) having got from tha?

at Sta Cruix, got with the said McGills men on board a Danish

Sloop and in her to Tortola. That one George Hanns an Englishman

formerly belonging to this Island was then Master of the Said

Danish Sloop, who when he had the Said Negro and Indian on

board, Searched them and found on them as this Deponent heard

about fifteen ounces of Gold Dust, which this deponent was told

at Tortola by one Henry Norton the said Hanns Mc G———-?

a Doctor on board shar'd between them. And further this Deponent

Saith not.


Henry Bostock

Sworne before me

this 19th Decr 1717

William Mathew

A True Copy

WI Hamilton


source: PRO CO 152/12


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