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Martin Preston, passenger of Dolphin, master James Burchett16 May 1718

Depositions – Martin Preston, 20 May 1718

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ADM 1/1982           [In letter of Thomas Jacob, HMS Diamond, then at Jamaica]


The Declaration of Martin Preston late passinger on board the Dolphin Sloop, James Burchett Comander that Sailed from La vera Cruz in Febuary last, bound for Pensacola with Spanish Passingers; from thence to Carolina.

On the Coast of Pensacola, Nineteen of the Sloops Company out of her Complement being thirty hands Consulted -- together, and took possession of the Sloop, put the Comandr. & Spanish passingers on the Island Comahare [Turneffe Atoll—on some early maps as Isle Cozumel?], and then beat up to Windward [Bay of Honduras?] as far as the Island Attily [Utila; Bay of Honduras], There see in the Offing a Ship & two Sloops, they Chased and in the Evening one of the Sloops came up with us, Wee hailed and asked from whence they came, there reply was from Sea, then they fired two small Arms, and Orderd our boat to come on board, then the men that had Possession of the Said Dolphin Sloop, Enterd themselves on board the Ship Comand'd by Edward Thatch, then the said Thatch sent several men in Lew [lieu?], and carried the Dolphin Sloop along with them to the bay of Hinduras [Bay of Honduras], there was lying there a New England Ship [Protestant Caesar] and four Sloops, from Jamaica, they continued there about three or four dayes, then they burnt the New England Ship, & a Sloop that belonged to Capt. James of Port Royall, then Sailed in company with them Two Sloops.

I do further declare that they Often threatned to take his Ma[jes]ties Ship the Diamond, as they heard she was weakly Man'd being informed by the Dolphin Sloops men, who was att La Vera Cruz when the Diamond was there. I continued there abouts a Fortnight [two weeks] yn [then] gott a passage aboard the Tygar Sloop one Roberts Comand.r bound to this place and Arrived here Instant

Wittness my hand ye May 1718                                     his P mark [Preston prob. could not write]

and ready to make Oath if [feg.rd? Required?]                     Martin Preston

A True Copy Tho: Jacob


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