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Vincent Pearse to Admiralty—4 Mar 1718

Letters – Vincent Pearse to Admiralty—4 Mar 1718

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ADM 1/2282


Sr.                     From on Board his Majties. Ship

                        Phenix at Providence 4 Mar 1718


This is to acqt. My Lords Commr. of the Admiralty that I sail'd from New York 8 Febry. last, and the 23d following arriv'd herewith his Majties. Proclamation for Suppressing the Pirates.


Of those that are here now Capt. [Benjamin] Hornogold Capt. Nichols, Capt. [Josiah] Burgess, Capt. Lesley and one hundred and fourteen of their Companys have already Volluntarily Surrender'd themselves to me & accepted of his Maties. most Gracious Pardon, and they & the rest that dayly come in, desires my Certificates, for their Protection till they goe to Some Governmnt. according to his Maties. most Gracious Proclamations, a List of whome I shall Transmit by the first opportunity


Capt. [Henry] Jennings and a great part of his Company went before My arrival for Bermudas to Surrender themselves, I cant as yet inform you of their Number on this Island but Shall give you a particulr. Accot. in my Next, they are a parcele of unthinking people & am forc't to treat with them only by perswasion not having Force my Self to Suppress them but Dayly expect Man of Warr from Jamaica some of Im having Sent to desire one of the Ships there to come here for their protection, If I had not come in as I did the Greatest part of these people I'm inform'd would have been gone out by this time, one Sloop call'd the Dragon being gone out with Ninty Eight Men about eighteen Days before my arrival, which Sloop (With one commanded by Capt. Teech/ who has been out about 8 months) are gone on the Coast of Guinea & from thence to Brasile there is an other Sloop out Commanded by Capt. Napping which they expect in Dayly, and these are all the English Pirates that has bee[n] Concerted as far as I can Informe my Self from them, I' hope in a Small time to disperse good Numbers of these that are here from this Island, & they already drop off as they can Meet with Opportunity of passage, I shall &c. very particuller in my Next. I am



                                Your most humble Sert.

                                        Vinc. Pearse

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