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Vincent Pearse to Admiralty—5 Sep 1718

Letters – Vincent Pearse to Admiralty—5 Sep 1718

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ADM 1/2282


Sir            Phenix at New York 5 Septr 1718


I gave their Lordships an Account in my last of the 2d June that I had Seized the day after I sailed

from Providence a Ship called the John & Elizabeth that was piratically taken from the French and her

Loading which Consisted of Hides from the Dutch which Ship I found in the posession of Some that were

lately pirates and is now Condemn'd by a Court of Admiralty here but the hides being perishable shall

put them up for Sale Next Week and in my Next I shall give their Lordsps an accot. of the produce.


I presume ere this comes to hand their Lordships will hear that one Teich Commander of a Pirate has

lost his Ship at Topsail inlet in North Carolina & that himself and the greatest part of his Company

had surrender'd  themselves to the Governm. there, and accepted of his Maties. most Gracious Pardon.  

  One Bonnett that was Consort to the sd. Teech was lately off Cape Henlopen and plunder'd some

Vessells but is since gone Clear off. I have not heard of any others being on this Coast this Summer.


The Milford and Shark Sloop arriv'd here lasst week from Providence, the latter having lost the head

of her Mast. The Lyme was lately put in here by Southerly Winds and we are both going together a

Cruising for three Weeks. I have My Complt. of Men and all healthy, I am


                                    Sir   Your Most Humble Sert

                                             Vinc. Pearse


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