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Commissioner Henry Greenhill to Admiralty—21 Apr 1706

Letters – Henry Greenhill to Admiralty—21 Apr 1706

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ADM 106/608/366  


Gent:n    366

Yesterday morning early here Ma[jes]ties Ship Warwick w:th severall Merch:t Ships for Newfoundland came into the Sound and were soon after followd by the Greenwich & Dolphin w[.] Gothen for Virginia & Barbados: The Barbadoes Merchant John Deeble Mas:r who arriv'd at the Same time Stor[e]s for this yard is since come into hamoaze and shall be unliver'd w.[h] all possible dispatch.

I rec:d both yo:rs of the 17th:ins:t and shall order the Mas:r of the Smack who Serves at p:rsent as a Tender to he York to make the best of his Way to the River Thames in ord.r to his being discharged.

The Cl.k of the Checq. shall have notice of what you say as to my paying for Seamen &c. brought in by the Civill Officer, to serve in her Ma[jes]ties ffleet

I am great respect

From here Ma[jes]ties Yard in                   Gent.n

Homoaze 21st: Aprill 1706.                      Your most humb Serv.t

                                                Henry Greenhill

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