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Account of Pirates at Bahamas by Thomas Walker—12 Mar 1714/15

Deposition – Account of Pirates by Walker—12 Mar 1714/15

CO 5/1264 No. 17 List of men that sailed from Ileatheria and committed piraceys upon the Spaniards, on the coast of Cuba, since the Proclamation of Peace, 12 Mar 1714/15


"Accot. of Piratts and the State and Condition the Bohamias are now in Rendered by Thomas Walker" New Providence. March 12, 1714/15.


A List of the Men's Names that sailed from Ileatheria and committed piraceys upon the Spaniards, on the Coast of Cuba, since the proclamacon of Peace.

Inhabitants and marryed men upon Ileatheria vizt.

 Daniell Stillwell marryed to Jno. Darvill's Daughter

 John Kemp, a wife and children upon the said Isld.

 Matthew Lowe "                                  "

 James Bourne "                                  "

 John Cary    "                                  "

John Darvill sent his young Son of 17 years old, a piratting and was part owner of the Vessell that committed the piracys.

Strangers names that Sailed from Ileatheria a piratting vizt.

 Benj. Hornigold

 Thomas Terrill

 Ralph Blankenshire

 Benj. Linn

An Accot. of What by the Said men was taken from the Spaniards Sundry Voyages vizt.

        The first Voyage out of Ileatheria In the Sloope happy returne in which went Daniell Stillwill, Benjamin Hornigold, John Kemp, James Bourne, Ralph Blankenshire and Zacheus Darvill and pirattically took from the Spaniards in dry goods Tallow and a Negro Value Eight thousand peices of 8.

        The Second Voyage in the said Sloop from Ileatheria went the said Stillwell Matthew Lowe John Cary Benja. Linn and Zacheus Darvill and pirattically Took from the Spaniards Eleaven hundred peices of 8 and in drest skins [tanned hides] and ["Bonilaos"?] to the vallue of three hundred peices of 8.

        Thirdly, The Said Benj. Hornigold Thomas Terrill and a Stranger bought an open Boate of the Inhabitants of Ileatheria and from thence sail'd to Cuba, and in or about the month of December last piratically took from a Launch and Canow [canoe] belonging to Senr. [Peter?] Barrihone of porto prince the Goods and moneys to the vallue of Forty six thousand peices of 8 as by Testimony taken in the Havana appeares.

        And Whereas the Inhabitants of Ileatheria never Took upp Lands by pattent nor pay any Rents to the Lord proprietors for Liveing on their Lands And that the Said Inhabitants are some of them Guilty of Committing piracy and fitting out pirats and receiving and Sheltering them, and the goods they Rob the Spaniards of are Traded with and sold to English Shipping, and the Brasilletto Wood by them Cutt off their Lordshipp's Lands is most Generally carryed to Querasaw [Curacao] and Cape Francesway [Francois] whereby the Lawfull English Trade is retarded and the King's Customs Diminished. It is Therefore hoped, by the Inhabitants of Providence That His Grace the Duke of Beaufort Pallatine and the rest of the Lords proprietors of the Boham [Bahama] Islands will give unto the next Governor they send an Instruction to Command all the Inhabitants from Ileatheria to Settle and Strengthen Providence that all may be under his excy. care and Charge, the better to Governe them, and prevent the afforesaid offences being Committed by reason the said Inhabitants are made Settlers at Providence and will not be Suffered to live upon Ileatheria who when they are Guilty Doe fly into the Woods and deffend themselves with their Armes, against the pursuit of Justice.

        The above is a true Accot. and State of the Circumstances and Condition the Bohamia Islands are now under and faithfully rendered by Thomas Walker Inhab. and Settler of Providence.