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Petition of Capt. George Gordon for Wives & Widows—3 Aug 1721

Petition – George Gordon—Wives & Widows—3 Aug 1721

T 1/240, folio 101 - Petition of Capt. George Gordon - [3 Aug 1721?]


To ye: King's Most Excell:t Majesty


The humble Petition of Capt. George Gordon late Commander of Your Maty's Ship Pearle in behalf of ye. Officers & Comp:a of ye. sd. Ship & those of Your Maj[es].ty's Ship Lime lately comanded by Captain Ellis Brand.



That in November 1718, the Said Ships Company took a pyrate Vessel comanded by Capt. Thatch commonly called Blackbeard in Engagement Severall Men were killed on both Sides; that the Sd. Pirate Vessel was afterwards condemed with her Cargo in Virginia: & the Money arising by the Sale thereof was lodged in the hands of the Lieut. Gov. for Your Maty's Use.

That Your Ma[jes]j.ty was graciously pleased, by Your Order in Council bearing Date ye. 23.d of October 1721, to direct, pursuant to ye. Report of ye. :os of ye. Admiralty, that the Lieut. Gov.r Should forthwith pay the Money arising by the Piratical Effects of Blackbeard & his Crew into the Court of Admiralty here, and that the Same Should be granted to the Officers & Company who belonged to ye. Said Ships Pearle & Lyme at ye. Time of ye. Capture, & that both Ships Companys Should have their just & due Proportion in like manner as was divided last War in relation to Prizes as appear by a Copy of the Sd. Order annext.

By another Order in Council bearing Date the 28th. Day of December 1721, Your Ma[jes]ty was pleased to direct Your Royal Bounty or Head Money published in Your Ma[jes]ty's Proclamation to be paid, as well for those taken & convicted as for those who were Slain in ye. Engagemt., and was pleased afterwards by Warrant under your Royal Sign. Manual countersigned by the Rt. Hon.ble the Lords of ye. Treasury to order the Bounty or Head Money amounting to L710. to be paid by the Lieut. Gov.r of Virginia out of the Produce of ye. Sd. Pirates Effects.

That the Sd. Crews behaved themselves valiantly in the Engagemt. with ye. Pirates, and it would be a great Encouragemt. to others to do the like and a great Act of Charity to the Wives & Widows of divers Sufferers in the Sd. Action, if your Majesty would be pleased to grant the Remainder of ye. Sd. Pirate's Effects to ye. Sd. Crews to be equally divided among them, in the manner practised during ye. late War in relation to Prizes.

Wherefore Your Petit. humbly prays Your Maj.ty will be graciously pleased to take ye. Sd. Premises into Your Royal Consideration and give such Directions therein as to Your Majesty Shall seem meet

And Your Petitioner Shall ever pray &c.











Answer from King in Council—23 Oct 1721