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Response from King in Council to George Gordon’s Petition—23 Oct 1721/3 Nov 1721

Petition Answer – From King in Council—23 Oct 1721

T 1/240 (f. 466) - Response to Petition of Capt. George Gordon - [23 Oct 1721]


At the Court at St. James

the 23rd. day of 1721


The King's most Excellent Majesty in Councill


Upon reading this day at the Board a Report from the Lords Commiss:rs of the Admiralty, dated the 3rd of August last, upon the Petition of Severall Wives and Widows of the Men late belonging to his Majestys Ships the Pearle and Lyme, setting forth that the said Ships did in November 1718, take a Pyrate Vessell commanded by Capt:n Thatch (commonly called Blackbeard) which has been condemned with her Cargo in Virginia for his Majesties use, and the Money arising by the Sale therof, was lodged in the hands of the Gov:r of Virginia, who (as the Pet:rs are informd) has since transmitted the Same to his Agent Mr. Carey a March:t in London, and humbly praying his Majesties to Extend his Bounty towards them for their Encoragmt. and as has been usuall in such Cases; and there being likewise read at the Board another Report from the Said Lords Commissrs. of the Admiralty dated the 5:th Instant upon the Petition of Lieu:t Robert Maynard late Lieu:t of the Pearl and Thomas Tucker than [then] Masters Mate of the said Ship in behalf of themselves and Sundry others, setting forth that they were Commanded with two Sloops in Pursuit of the said Pyrate, and that after a desperate Engagem:t they took him, and carryd his head into Virginia where his Sloop and Cargo was Sold for two thousand five hundred Pounds -

That the Reward allowed by the Government of Virginia for the said Thatche's Head and any of his Crew were distributed among all the Officers and men belonging to both the aforesaid Ships of Warr, altho none of them as they apprehend, but the said Maynard and Petit:rs did or could Share in the Actions, the said men of Warr being at least Seaventy Leagues distant to the great Discoragmt. of the Captors, who onely exposed their lives, and humbly praying His Majesty to Grant them the Benefit of such Bounty, as hath been given to other Captors on the like Occassion at home, together with such Shares and Parts of the Prize Money as his Majesty shall think fit, His Majesty in Councill taking the whole matter into Consideration, was pleased to Approve the first mentioned Report of the 3.d of August last, And to Order pursuant to Opinion of the said Lords Commiss:rs of the Admiralty therin expresst, that the said Governor of Virginia, Mr. Carey, or any other Person in whose Custody the value of the said Vessell and her Cargo is, be obligd to pay the same forthwith into the High Court of Admiralty here, and that the same be granted to the Officers and Company who belonged to the said Ships Pearl and Lime at the time of the Capture, and that both Ships Crews have their due and Just Proportion therof, in like manner as was Divided the last war with Relation to Prizes; and the Lords Commiss:rs of the Admiralty, are to Cause the necessary Directions to be given herein accordingly as to them may respectively Appertain --

                                                        Temple Stanyan




Order of Council

Nom ignot navis piratia Thatch vulgo vocato Blackbeard Capt.

[Name unknown pirate ship Thatch generally called Blackbeard Capt.]

Capt. Gordon

Ordo S.D,N. Regis in Concilio fact. exhibit per Sayer

[Order S.D N. King on the council. exhibit through Sayer]


3.d Novem: 1721


[in pencil:] 23 Oct 1721