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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume-  1 Apr-7 Sep 1718

Letters – Hume Letters & Enclosures—1 Apr-7 Sep 1718

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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume


1 April 1718—Barbados—leaving for Puerto Rico

        Note: 13 Jun 1718—Captured 17 prisoners at Blanco Island or Isla La Blanquilla

29 June 1718— St. Christophers—John Davis Refuses to take 6-gun Blanco pirate prisoners from Capt. Hume

3 July 1718—St. Christophers—Rejection at Puerto Rico by orders from the King of Spain—tells Admiralty about Blanco

5 July 1718—Nevis—trial of Blanco pirate including depositions of Hunt, Moore, and Hall      

        Note from Scarborough log: 6 July 1718—Nevis—Condemned Blanco pirate ship for Capt. Hume

9 July 1718—Nevis Council Refusal to take prisoners (refers to letter of 7th June)

24 July 1718—Barbados—Collector Henry Lascelles takes possession of Blanco pirate vessel

26 July 1718—Barbados Gov. Robert Lowther refuses to try 17 pirate prisoners

6 Aug 1718—Barbados—Public Protest of Hume v. Lowther—if Lowther can’t take the prisoners, he can’t have the vessel

7 & 14 Aug 1718—Barbados—concerns hurricane season—wants to go to St. Lucia to secure for weather

20 & 28 Aug 1718—Barbados—asked Lowther again to take the prisoners—to help him secure Scarborough for weather

        Note: letter of 7 Sep mentioned Scarborough’s sailing to Tobago after two Spanish guarda-costas

7 September 1718—about Spanish ships and carriages for Scarborough’s guns

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