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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume-  1 Apr-7 Sep 1718

Letters – Hume Letters & Enclosures—3 Jul 1718

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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume


Hon:d Sr


[In pursuant to their Lordships proceeded for Portirico to Demand the monys due to Mr. Harris So Soon as I arrived before the City I sent my Officer with the pinnis to acquaint them the Reason of my Coming there, and to Desire a Pilote they would on no acco:t Either Admitt of boat or officer on Shore[.] I sent a Second time my Officer with a flagg of truce att which they ffired Next day mett a Small Sloop by whome I wrote and Sent a Letter to the Governd [Government] he Admitted that boat on Shore but would not Read the Letter[.] Said he had orders from the King of Spain which arrived w:th him about the Second of Aprill Directing that no English Shipp whatever Should be Admitted to come into any of His harbours and that if I would Come in I must expect to fforce My Way Through 200 pr Cannon] It was my good fortune in my way up from Leeward to meet with a Small pyrate Ship of Six Guns at Anchor att the Island of Blanco Commanded by Lewis Le Boar and 77 men on board, with a Nevis Sloop they had taken the day before, on their Seeing us Stand in for them, the Cap.t L: Boar with 60 more of his People gott on board the Sloop and gott under Sail to whome I gave Chace but night coming on his gaining - to windward, and the Shipp at Some Distance Stood away again for the Road[,] it blowing hard was oblidg'd to Cutt Her out, took her in Tow and brought her here & have applyed to the Judge of Adm:tty for after condemnation w:ch believe will be heard tomorrow, there being no Goall here, for the Prisoners, Shall carry them to Nevis, where they have likewise a power to try them and, afterwards Shall Proceed to my Station, Her Cargo, is Said to Consistt of Tobacco, powder Slezies? - Whalefish, Oyle, and ffareene for the Negros this L Boar took her on the Coast of Brazille bound to Ginnea but finding bad Success on that Coast designd as Said to these parts for a Better Shipp, the Shipp they mett on that Coast they lost on the Rocks or Island of Grandy

Shall acquaint their Lordshipps what I do further on this affair from Barbados, there was not any papers found nor n[ot] any person that came out of Brazille in her

Number of Men for Wagges and Victualls -       124

prisoners -                                                          17

Sloop Mast:r and Crew for Evidence -                  6

provisions on board for 125 Men

att Short allowance -                                3 Weeks

                                                                I am Sr

Scarbrough                                               Your Most obedient Him & Serv[t]

att St Christophers

July the 3:d 1718                                             Fra: Hume



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