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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume-  1 Apr-7 Sep 1718

Letters – Hume Letters & Enclosures—9 Jul 1718

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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume




We the President and Councill of His Majesties Islande have taken your Letter of the Istant relating to the Pirates you have on board, and Directed to his hon[or] the President, into our Consideration and we are Unanimously of Opinion upon reading & Confideing An Actt of this Islande relating to the Punishment of Whereley we Might Proceed to Trye them our Act Cant Possibly give any Jursidiction farther them the Legislative Power Your Island reaches, and your letter having Informed us that they were Taken at the Island Blanco, which is West and by South at Least one hundred and fifty Leagues of all the Leeward Islands it must be Absolutely out of our Jurisdiction, unless they were Charged with having Comitted Acts of Piracy within the Jurisdiction of this Island which we do not find neither by your Letter or any Other Information that they are, we therefore Judge it not to be for his Majesties Service and ind eed [indeed] to be Contrary to Justice, to detean [detain] them prisoners to tryal, or if we Should, we must of Necessity Aeynit them, benig [being] not Accused of any Priacies [Piracies] Committed within the Jurisdiction of this Island we are

Nevis Conseill Chamber                            Sr

July 1718                                   Yr humble Serva[n]ts

                                                Law.ce Brodbett [Brodbelt]

                                                John Richa[r]dson    Rich.d Abbott

To Capt. Francis Hume                             John Pinney      Aza Pinney

A Copy of what I Sentt yesterday

Fra: Hume                                July ye 28th 1718

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