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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume-  1 Apr-7 Sep 1718

Letters – Hume Letters & Enclosures—24 Jul 1718

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ADM 1/1879 Letters of Francis Hume to the Admiralty



                        His Excellency Rob.t Lowther Esq:r


Captain Genr:ll Governor & Commander in Cheife in Over the Maj.ties Island of Barbados St. Lucies St. Vincent & other ye Caribee Islands, To Windward of Guadeloope & ye Territories Thereon Depending In America Chancellor Ordinary & Vice Admirall of the Same -


To Henry Lascells Esq.r Cheife Collect.r of his Maj[es]ties Customs of the Island of Barbados Greeting -


Whereas Frances Hume Esq:r Com:dr of his Maj:ties Ship of Ware thy Scarborough has Informed me that he Took on ye 12:th June Last [1718] on ye high Seas in ye West Indies A Ship Called ye Blanco of Six Gunns Commanded by one Lewis Le Bour of the French Nation Manned Eighty Men who all made their Escape but Seventeen as Alsoe that On ye ffifth Day of July Last William Wooddropp Esq:r Judge Sorrogate of his Maj:ties Court of Admiralty in ye Island of St. Christophers Condemn'd ye Said Ship Blanco as a prize To him ye Said Frances Hume on ye Depositions of Edw: Hunt & James Moore belonging To ye Sloop Boneta of Nevis Who deposed that they Ware Piratically Taken by ye Said Ship Blanco As Also ye Deposition of Thomas Halls (belonging To his Maj[es]ties Ship ye Scarborough) who Deposed that ye Ship Blanco was Taken by ye Said Frances Hume has brought Said Ship Blanco into Carlisle Bay & has refused To Surrend.r her To me for his Maj[es[ties Use but Gives out that he will Dispose of her as a prize

And Whereas I have his Maj[es]ties Command. Und[e]r his Signe Manuel to Cause all Good Money or other Estate of Pirates or Piratically Taken Shall be brought in or found within his S:d Island of Barbados or Taken on Board Any Ships or Vessells To be Seized and Secured Untill I shall have Given his Majesty an Acco.t Thereof & receive his Royall Pleasure Concerning ye Disposall thereof -


These are Therefore In his Majestys Name To Command You ye Said Henery Lascelles To Seize Forthwith ye Sd Ship Blanco Now Rideing at Anchor in Carlisle Bay in Whose hands Custody or Possesion Soever The be all her Lading Gunns Tackle Apparell & furniture & To Secure ye Same for his Majesties Use Till You Receive my further Directions & I Doe Alsoe hereby Command in his Maj.tes Name all & Singular, ye Justices of the Peace Majestrat Custome House officers Marshalls Constables & all ye Rest of his Majesties faithfull Ministers officers Subjects And Leise? People Within ye Maritime Jurisfictions of Vice Admiralty of Barbados To Assist & Obey You the Said Henery Lascelles in ye Execution of the Premises for this Shall be To You Their & Every of them a Sufficient Warrant hereof faile not as You they and Every of Them will Answer ye Contrary Thereof Und:r ye Penalty of the Law -

Given Und:r my hand & Seale at Pilgrims Thi?? Four and Twenteeth Day of July in ye fourth Year of His Maj.ties Reigne Anno ye Domino One Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighteen -

A true Copy of ye                     Robt. Lowther -

Copy Sentt me by

Henry Lascelles Collector

        Fra: Hume

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