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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume-  1 Apr-7 Sep 1718

Letters – Hume Letters & Enclosures—6 Aug 1718

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ADM 1/1879 Letters of Francis Hume to the Admiralty


Barbados          A Copy

Be it known to all Men by these Presents May concern that I Francis Hume Comander of his Maj:ties Ship Scarborough do by this Publick Instrument of Writing or Protest as well for my Self Officers and Ships Company as Captors as in behalf of his Maj'ys his Heirs and Successors, and the Right Hon.ble the Lords Commiss:rs of the Admiralty, by Virtue of their Directions to me of Date Aprill 22,, 1717.

Publickly & Solemnly protest against all & all manner of Proceedings Stopage or Seizure had, made, or done, or caused to be had made, or done, by His Excellen:y Rob:t Lowther Esq:r Gov:r of Barbados or Henry Lascelles Esq:r Collector of the Customes here, or any Marshall, Agent or Agents, by them Employed or Directed as well for all Losses Damages Dettriments, or Hindrances whatsoever, that may in any wayes happen or Accrue to him the said Francis Hume, Officers and Ships Company, by any wayes or means whatsoevewr in, or by Seizing or causing to be Seized the Ship Blanco Pyrate, w:ch was at the Island Blanco taken and made Captive by him, the s:d Francis Hume, his Officers and Ships Company, & upon the 3d of July 1718 was Legally Dully and Fairly Condemn'd before the High & Hon:ble Court of Admiralty for the Island of St. Christophers, Establisht as good & Legall prize as may more fully appear by the Proceedings of the sd Court under their proper Seal here, into annext & Conformable to their Instructions from the High & Hon:ble Court of Adm:ty In Great Brittain

All which proceedings of the s:d Rob:t Lowther & Hen:y Lasscelles & the ?? of their Agents is hereby declared contrary to Law & Justice as well for my self as the Test. of the Officers & others ye Sailors, doe in the most Publick & Solemn manner protest against Desire this my Protest may be Entred upon Record in the office of Notary Publick in this Island

?? Secretary's Office in the

?? this 6:th of August 1718                              Fra:s Hume

John Walker

??nd:a Duncan

??ro: Rumball





Finding some Scruples within my self, whether I ought to act as a Notary Publick here - not knowing any Authority for soe doeing; and Likewise observing that you was pleas'd to leave Evidences to take Notice that you tender'd your Protest to me, and Desired to have it Recorded in the Notary's Books in the Secretary's Office, I thereupon applied my self to the Kings Attorney Gen:ll Who is of opinion, that I cannot act as Notary Publick, and that I ought not to Record the Paper you left Yesterday, in the Office

                                I am Respectfully,


Secry's Office                                    Your obed,,te Servt.

??th August 1718                             John Lenoir

To Cap:tn Fran:s Hume

A true Copy

Fra: Hume

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