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ADM 1/1879  From the Letters of Capt. Francis Hume-  1 Apr-7 Sep 1718

Letters – Hume Letters & Enclosures—7 Sep 1718

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ADM 1/1879 Letters of Francis Hume to the Admiralty


Hond Sr


The 28 of lastt Moneth I was inform'd by a Master of a Sloop lastt armood? from Tobago of his being taken by two Pyrate Ships att thatt Island, I directly proceeded to Tobago and after looking into all the bays tnord? this day I presume to be of opurier thatt they know two Spanish Ships bound down on ye Coast thatt Island being in their way and their hoisting Spanish Colours when they took the Sloop wch had no body on board the Spanish deter ?ting her we have no manner of acc:tt of Pyrates in those parts.

Pursuant to their Lordships directions of date ye 31st of May last I have Instructed In the Honble ye Board of Ordnance ?? valour for Supplying his Maj[est]:y Ship under my Command with the Carriages and Iron Work with the Survey and Condemnation? of the Carriages ye Remains of Hazard this allowable Expense, all wch will imply I hope a No Lsltity? for the Ses:le Supplys and Hon Lordships cause my Bill drawn on thatt Hon:ble Board to be accepted

??orewill I presume to Enclose a Copy of any letters to his Esiroll [Excelle]ncy ye Governour and his lastt order to me when I wentt to Tobago, these I presume to inclose in Case his Excellency Should ??it wpne? Sentt me on the acc:tt I did nott immediately att my arrival deliver up the prize, I likewise enclose a Copy of my Protest, and the Dep:ty Secry:l Eosten why he would nott admitt of itts being rec:d as a Small horse?,

Number of men on bo[ard]: 122 - Provide:d att Whole Allowance one Moneth, Wind trade


Scarborough, att Barbadoes                                     Hond Sr

Sep:tt ye 7th 1718                                           Your most obedientt

                                                                        humble Servantt

                                                                        Fra: Hume

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