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Deposition of Andrew Turbett and Robert Gilmore - 17 Apr 1717

Depositions – Andrew Turbett and Robert Gilmore - 17 Apr 1717

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The Information of Andrew Turbett Master and Robert Gilmer Super Cargo of the Ship Agnes of Glascow, taken this 17th day day of Aprill 1717. Before His Majys Lieut. Governor of Virginia


These Informants declare That being bound from Barbados to Virginia laden with Rum Sugar & Molasses, and sundry European goods on the 7th day of this month about eight a clock in the morning five leagues or thereabouts to the Eastward of Cape Charles a Pyrate bore down upon the said Ship, and commanded the Masters to come on board. That the sd Pyrate Ship was mounted with 28 guns and had on board 200 men; That as the Informants heard from the Crew, the said Ship was formerly called the Widda Galley of London, commanded by one Edward Prince, and was taken by the Pyrates in her return from Jamaica and is now commanded by one Samuel Bellamy an English man borne in Plymouth and said to have a Wife and family in or near Canterbury. That the Informants together with the Crew of the sd Ship Agnis being carryed on board the Pyrates, the greater part of the Cargo was plundered by the sd Pyrates cutt away the Masts of the Informant's Ship, and then sunk her; That on the said 7th of April the sd Pyrates took the Anne Galley of Glascow, Alexr. Montgomery Master and the Endeavour Pink of Brighthelmstone John Scutt [Scott?] Master; And on Wednesday the 12th instant they also took a ship belonging to Leith[,] Young Master all three bound for Virginia: That after having plundered the said Ships of what goods they thought fitt, they put the Informants with the Crew of their Ship on board the Endeavour Pink and then on friday the 12th discharg'd the sd Pink and the Leith Ship, but carryed the Anne Galley with her Crew along with them as they said to assist in Careening their Ship: That the sd Pyrates took with them Six of the said Leith Ship's Crew, and two man Servants who voluntarily joined with the sd Pyrates; That by discoursing with the sd Pyrates, the Informants came to know the names of the following persons on board vizt Richard Nowland the Quarter Master born in Dublin ___ Lambert Master borne in New Castle, David Turner a North Country Man who (as the Master of the Brighthelmston Pink reports) he knew to have served as Apprentice to one Jno Ffreeland of London, and the said Master also knew one Davis who was borne in Bristoll & bred a Ship Carpenter: That the greater part of the sd Pyrates Crew are Natives of Great Britain and Ireland, The rest consisting of divers Nations and about 25 Negroes taken out of a Guinea Ship: That the sd Pyrates declared they intended to Cruise for ten days off Delaware Bay, and ten days more off Long Island, in order to intercept some Vessels from Philadelphia and New York bound with provisions to the West Indies, That they then designed to go & Careen their Ship at a place called Green Island, to the Eastward of Cape Sable, That the sd Pyrates told the Informants that a Pyrate Sloop came in company with them in a short time, and that there are ten Sail of them in all about the West Indies and the Coast of America


                                                      Andrew Turbett

                                                      Robt Gilmor


CO 5/1318 Deposition of Andrew Turbett and Robert Gilmore - 17 Apr 1717

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