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John Balchen of HMS Diamond to Admiralty—12 Nov 1715

Letters – John Balchen to Admiralty—12 nov 1715

Hon.ble Gentlemen,         Diamond in Port Royal harbour the

                                12th November 1715


I send this by Capt. Knighton who had his misfortune of being cast away on the Grand Camanos in his Majesties Sloope the Jamaica; he has Sav'd Severall of the Sloopes Stores and brought here, which I have dispos'd of as in the Enclos'd. The Greatest part of his men I have kept here to make good my Compliment and Tryall's, which have been very much weakend by death. I have likewise Sent by the Same Conveyance, Two months Muster Books for June and July, August and September last, which I home will come Safe to your hands.

[in margin:] Inclosed dd to ye Survey

Severall complaints being made of Piratts mollesting the Trade of this Island, I have been Oblig'd to order the cleaning of the Tryall Sloope, which has been done in the Cheapest manner possible, the whole not Amounting to above fifteen pounds, which mony Captain Davies here distributed.           I am

                                                                        Honble Gentlemen,

rec'd & read 25. Janry 1715

                                                                Your most humble Servant


The officers and Servants of the Jamaica Sloope, thirteen in Number, I have born by List for Victualls, Part of which go home in the Ship brings this, and the rest when Opportunity will permitt,/