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Petition of John Hollidge and Stephen Courtney of Bristol, owners of 140-ton Ship Charles Galley

Petition – Bristol Merchants about Charles Galley —21 Sep 1717

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SP 35/9/168 - Petition of John Hollidge and Stephen Courtney of Bristol, owners of 140-ton Ship Charles Galley


To the King's Most Excellent Majesty


The humble Petition of John Hollidge & Stephen Courtney of Bristol Merchants on behalf of themselves & the rest of the Owners of the Ship Charles Galley of the Burthen of about 140 Tons & carrying Six Guns & Nineteen Men Charles Porter late Master.



That in November last the Said Ship Sailed on a voyage from Bristol to Ireland there to load Provisions for Barbados & Jamaica, which were accordingly landed at the said Islands.

That besides your loaded on board her at Bristol sundry dry Goods & at Barbadoes purchased & took on board some Rum & Sugar, & finding no Freight at the said Islands, their said Master resolved to proceed thence for Carolina, there to load a Cargo of Pitch, Tarr & Rice for Bristol or London & in prosecution of the said Voyage about the 23.d of January following near the Island of Pines met with a Pyrate Sloop commanded by one Benjamin Hornigold, who gaves chase to your Pet.r's Ship to the Leeward eight & forty hours.

That by reason thereof the said Ship was got so far to the Westward in the Bay of Mexicoe [Gulf of Mexico] that it would take up a long time to turn to Windward, & therefore fearing that he might want Water, your Pet.r's said Master designed to touch at the Island of Trest [Triste on Terminos Lagoon in Campeche Bay] there to fill Water, but that in making towards the Said Island he was met with by a Spanish Man of War called the St. John Baptist Capt. John Albertus Commander, who commanded your Pet.r's said Master on board him & there detained, & carried him together with the said Ship & the Goods & Things then on board mentioned in the Schedule hereunto annexed to la Vera Cruz, where their said Master was detained Prisoner for two & twenty Days, during which time their said Goods were taken out & discharged, & the said Goods together with the said Ship were confiscated & converted to the use of the Spaniards.

That tho' your Pet.r's said Master did petition the Vice King & therein set forth his Case, & pray to be relieved & released from the said unjust Seziure; yet he could not obtain any Answer thereto, & the pretence for the seizing & confiscating of the said Ship & Cargo viz. That she was bound to the Bay of Campeachy there to cut Wood being most false & untrue, as by the annext affidavit more at large appears.

Your most humbly beg leave to lay the Hardships & Injustice done to your Subjects in this unjust Seizure & Confiscation before your most Sacred Majesty for your wize & just Consideration, & pray your most gracious protection & Relief, & that your Maj:ty will so effectually interpose with the King of Spain in their behalf, that they may obtain full satisfaction for their Losses & Damages occasioned thereby.

and your shall ever pray v&.




Certificate of Diego de Alarcon y Ocana - 18 Mar 1717

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