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George Gordon to Adm. Sec. Josiah Burchett—14 Sep 1721

Letters – George Gordon to Burchett—14 Sep 1721

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ADM 1/1826


Honor'd Sir

Having aquainted you yesterday for their Lordps. information I had reason to finde fault wth the account Liuet Maynard ?? of his Maj'ties Pearle under my Command made to his Maj'ties his petition lately Layed before him in Counsell.

order to this I shall, very briefly lay before their Lord'ps: all ye ?? of that action with Thatch, alias Blackbeard

?? they were So near, that the compliment past betixt them of ?? giving each other quarters; Thatch observing all his men upon ?? gave them a broadside; his guns being Sufficiently charged ??th Swan Shot, partridge Shot and others; with this broadside killed and wounded most by the Swan Shot one & twenty of men, Mr. Maynder finding his men thus exposed, and no ??s order his men down into the hold, goeing himself into the cabin? abaft; ordering the midshipman that was at the helm, or Butler, his pilote to aquaint him with any thing that should happen. Thatch observing his decks clear of men presently concluded ?? vessel his own, and then Sheers on board Liuet. Maynards sloop enters himself the first man, with a rope in his hand to lash? or make fast the two Sloops: Mr. Butler aquanting Liuet Maynard with this, turned his men upon deck, and was himself presently among them: wherein less then Six minuts tyme Thatch and five or Six of his men were killed; the rest of these rogues? Jumped in the water where they were demolished, one ?? being discovered Some dayes after in the reeds by the fouls hovering? over him: the Sloop in wch the Lymes people were in had the fortune to have these officers that commanded them killed a ?? of his Sloop: & another Shot through the body in Thatchs Sloop one of our men, takeing him by Mistake for one of the pirates. This? Sr. is the true and real Steps of that action, given in upon that his Maj'ties Court of Admir'y in Virginia, by himself & people ?? truth of which of need be Liuet Governor Spotswood can Justifie ?? Capt. Brand: there being no Such thing given out there his boarding Thatch Sword in hand; as he is pleased to tell his Maj'ty in his petition: after the action was over he stayed about a fortnight or thre weeks there, to get of the Island Some of the goods he had there in a tent, having found but very little in pirats Sloop, and then went up the river Some forty or fifty ?? to receive orders from Capt. Brand who went by Land a Single Gentleman, and a Servant to apprehend Thatch with the assistance of the Gentlemen of that country who were weary of that rogues insolence: being informed ? his being on Shoare aftner then on board; having maryed ? tyme before in those parts: and when he arrived where the Go?or Mr. Eden lived: Capt. Brand put on board of him more Goods ???=ing to the pirate Thatch (which he Seized by vertue of Gover. Eden's order) then Liuet Matnard got upon the Island or in pirate Sloop, all which put together he tells his Maj'ties w?? Sold for 2500 lb: in Virginia: which if true, he had A much better account of the Sale then Capt. Brand or I had because Mr. Chisewell the Agent Victualer there for his Maj'tie was the pom?? appointed to dispose of the vessel and cargoe; and all the ?? I or Capt, Brand had of him was only 1000 lb: & Some more ? Virginia monney; that Gentleman came over with us in the the ?? & is in town Still, to testifie this; though now designing thither and the Governor of Virginia in whoes hands that monney was Laid j?? for his Maj'ties use, must know.

His last Charge charge he layes before his Maj'tie consists in giving account of the unreasonable and unjust Method Capt. Brand ?? in disposeing the bounty monney the assembly of Virginia (then making) voted for an Encouragement for that Expedition.

The Governor of Virginia did Stop atwelf past of that bounty monney to dystribed amongst  the two Mrs. of the Sloops he hired at his own Charge for that Expedition, & their crews they makeing a twelth part of the wholl number of the men that went with them & Liuet Maynard.

Capt. Brand & receiving 334:13:4 for both Ships companies did conclude that those were not permitted to goe volunt?? on that Expedition, were (with humble Submission to better Judgment) as much at their duty as the others that had that liberty. And that thought divided as usual in tyme of war, only with ??ence as a farther encouragement, I gave every farthing of my share? to him, and the people I ordered with him which made the most mens Shares that were with him amount to 1:13:6 ??s those foremast men who were forced to Stay to look after Safely of his Maj'ties Ship had but 7:??; & though I bid that Gentlemans Share he was pleased to deny it towards in company.

Moreover, the Governor of Virginia was makeing a very handsome ?tion of Monney for Mr. Maynard among the Gentlemen of his Maj'ties Counsell distinct from what the assembly gave; till gave Suffitient reason to Capt. Brand to overthrow these ?? he gave in upon oath: wch occassioned that collection to drop only with Capt. Brand was here to make a report of this affaire ?? then my Self.

While that Gentleman was gone from his Ship with his ?? of the crew, and all our Small armes; if the Governmt of Virginia's intelligence had been true, (a coppy of which ? annnex to this) we could not tell whether he, or we, had that rogue first for some tyme.

?? now given you all the Steps of that affaire, impartialy ?? Sory for the tenth therof.

? only now beg to Subjoine Something I forgave that Gentleman ?? the request of a friend of his.

?? meeting with Capt. Brand (under whoes orders he was at No Carolina) he Showed him Some Gold dust, plate, & other Small ?? of plunder (as he called it) taken on board Thatch's Sloop.

Brand charged him not to dispose of any thing till he came to Virginia; yet contrary to his order, & mine too, after Capt. Brand had ?? everything there & left him to proceed with the fisrt faire winde, he took the Liberty to Share that light plunder, betwixt him = ?? & people that were with him, before he came to ?? orge ??, his own Share of yr: came to neare nyntie pound as ?? pretty well informed.

??ve now Sr. given the wholl of what I know of that affaire, & humbly Submit of to their Lordps. consideration, & to continue

                                                      Honor'd Sr.

                                           Your most Obed't humbe. Serv't

London Sept. 14th 1721

                                                     Geo: Gordon


Vide - Order in Council Dated

         24: Augt 1721 & Lt. Maynards

         Memorial  Sept. 1721

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