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Letter to the Admiralty from Capt. Thomas Jacob of HMS Diamond - 27 Mar 1718

Letter— Thomas Jacob of HMS Diamond to Admiralty - 27 Mar 1718

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ADM 1/1982 Letter to the Admiralty from Capt. Thomas Jacob of HMS Diamond - 27 Mar 1718


His Majtys Ship Diamond in Port Royall Harbour 1718


Honble Sr


[His Majesties Ship under my Comand Sailed from Jamaica, the 23d of October 1717. under My Convoy, the Royall Prince, and Sarah Gally, Wee arived Safe at Lavara Cruz [La Vera Cruz] the 9th of November, there was informed, that the London, was Sailed three weeks before My Arrivall]

I having at that time butt little water on board, and the Ships Company Sickly, used all Endeavours to gett Some, then returne for Jamaica. but the North Winds blowing hard upon the back of Each Other, prevented our Boats, going ashore, and Occasioned the Water to be Brackish and my Continuance So long at the Place.

The February Sailed from Lavara Cruz and the of March arrived Safe in Port Royall Harbour, found Rideing there his Majesties Ship Winchelsea, and Swift Sloop, the Adventure being then at Sea. Captain Candler & Capts Durell informed me, that Captain Hitchcock and his Lieutenants, was Dead in their Passage to Windward, therefore I appointed M:r Edward Reddish being the Senior Lieu.t to Comand the Tryall Sloop, & Mr. Reynolds who required his Removall out of the Adventure to be Leiuts of her And Mr. Bridge 1:st Lieu.t of the Diamond and the Honour.d Will.m Harvey to be Second Lieu.t of the Diamond, And M:r Rupert Waring Midshipman Extra on board me, to be first Lieutenant of the Adventure, in Roome of M.r Berry who layd down his Comiss.n to come for England, and Mr. Cooper who is a Gentleman has past [passed] his Examination to be Lieutenant. I appointed him Second Leu.t of [the Adventure who arrived here 22.d Instant after Six weeks Cruze[.] the inclosed is a Letter I Received from Captain Reynolds and So Soon, as his Majtys Ships, under my Comand, is Condition for the Sea, Shall loose no time in Executing is Most necessary for his Majtys Service.

I have mett no Advice of the Pyrotts in our Passage to Lavara Cruz, nor dureing My Stay there, but in My returne againe, Beating to Wind ward in the Lati.d 25 [degrees] North in the Bay [Gulf] of Mexico, See a Sloop in the Morning Standing towards us, gave Chase, then She hauled upon a Wind, being Small Breezes, could not come up with her.

Sir/ Since his Majtys Proclamation Severall of the Pyrotts has come to this Island [Jamaica], and Surrendred themselves and continued here some time, and as I am Informed was part of them gon of [gone off] againe, under pretence for want of Employ.] The inclosed is weekly Accompts, of his Majtys Ships under My Comand, My Ships Company has been very Sick of Agues & Feavers for Some Months past, have my f?? Escaped the Sickness, thank God not many Died, but very weakly Manned. I have Advise from ye ye Value that Six Months Provisions is Sent from England, for his Majtys Ships, Diamond, Adventure, & Swift Sloop Out of the Said Provisions; Captain Candler informes me he has taken four Months & halfe for ye use of his Ships Company by reason he has received Orders to stay Longer abroard [aboard? or abroad?] which makes our proportion now in Store, four Months and hafle for Each Ship. All which be pleased to Communic[ate] to the Right Honourable the Lords of the Admiralty hopeing their Lordships will approve thereof. I am Due respects

                        Hon:ble S.r

                                Your most Obedient & Obliged humble Serv.t


S.r I have Likewise Such inclosed the Honb.le Will.a Harvey his Examination that he is Qualified for Lieutenant./

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