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Alexander Spotswood to Treasury, 16 Jul 1719

Letters – Alex. Spotswood to Treasury, 16 Jul 1719

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T 54/25 (Treasury document) - 16 July 1719


Governor Spotswood about the Effects of Pirates Condemned to the Use of his Maty.


After &c. Whereas it hath been represented to Us that the sloop Adventure together wth. its cargo & other Effects of a Considerable Value taken in an Expedition against the Pirates in North Carolina were by a Court of Vice Admiralty held the 11th of March 1718[19] at this City of Williamsburg in Virginia Adjudged & Decreed to be forfeited to his Maty: Saving a Right to the Owner or Owners thereof &c. And Whereas the sd. Court did at another Meeting held the 13th: of March Direct the Marshall to Deliver the said Sloop together with the Effects aforesaid into the Possion [possession] of Mr. Charles Chisweck & Mr. Robt. Ennis appointed by ye Court to receive ye Same together wth. an Allowce: of 5Lpct; for all ye ready Money & 6:pct. for all Bills of Excha: to be made to ye for their trouble & Charge in Disposing of ye: same & further Ordered yt: all Sums of Money & Bills of Excha: arising from ye Sale of the said Sloop & other Goods shd: be Delivered to You to be Disposed of as the said Court had further directed in that behalf & they having by yt: means Excluded ye: Officers of ye: Crown in yt; Colony Authorized by his Matys: Letters Patents for that purpose to receive & account for to his matys: Use ye: Effects adjudged by their own Sentence to belong to ye: Crown

We are to acqt: You yt: this behaviour of ye: Vice Admiralty Court in taking upon y??: to dispose to dispose of ye: Monies due to ye: Crown in such an extrary: Manner appears to Us extreamly news irregular & therefore We pray & require you upon the rect: hereof to make Strict Inquiry into ye Grounds of this whole proceding & to take care yt: all Moneys or Value of Monie Decreed to be forfeited to his Maty: be immediately pd: over to his proper Officers without any allowances or Petition wtsoever but such as can be justly Warranted if you have not already done it agreable to ye sd. Petition presented to You by ye: Depty: Audr: on yt: head And We don't doubt but yt: pursuant to ye Comands You have from time to time Recd: from his Majty: relating to his Revenues You will be watchfull to discountenance any Accounts yt: may be made for ye: future to Set aside ye: Antient & Established Method of receiving and Auditing ye: Same & where any Forfeitures and adjudged to belong to ye: Crown You are to take Effectualy yt: such forfeitures be put under ye: Management of t.iosa; psons only oft: are authorized by ye: Crown for yt: purpose & so not doubting of ye Compliance herein We did you heatily farewell & remain &c. Sunderland. J. Aistabu W. Clay??


Whitehall Trea'ry Chamre: 16 July 1719

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