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Five West-Indian pirates attempt to recapture 17th-century pirate glory on the East-Indian isle of Madagascar. Edward England, Edward Congdon, Olivier LeVasseur, and Richard Taylor sail to Madagascar in 1720 and join with Jasper Seager to make havoc against the East-Indian Company. These are the stories of their misadventures and lives. Some lived opulently - some died horrible deaths. They met Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and the native Betsimisaraka with whom they shared their short lives. They also captured a Portuguese Viceroy, the Fort at Delagoa, East-India Company officials, including an angry Scottish captain, and traded with a Royal Navy Commodore intent upon an illicit trade in gold and jewels!

Hardback-Dust Cover edition

ISBN: 978-1-365-25885-5

For nearly three centuries, Blackbeard the Pirate's past has been mired in a deep morass of confusion, deception, and  playful banter. Documents recently uncovered by maritime historian Baylus C. Brooks reveal that the enormously successful aristocratic privateer Edward Thache was not the notorious and villainous “Pirate King” Blackbeard - or Satan “from hell,” as Capt. Charles Johnson wrote him to be. He was an educated aristocrat, likely grandson of an Anglican minister trained at Oxford. His family owned a large estate with slaves; they probably rode in their personal carriage to church in the capital of Spanish Town, Jamaica and conversed with assemblymen and their families in the palace square. Moreover, he was a Royal Navy veteran of Queen Anne’s War, having served his nation aboard the massive 60-gun HMS Windsor.

Quest for Blackbeard—Blackbeard’s Genealogy Poster

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Quest for Blackbeard 15 oz. coffee mugQuest for Blackbeard skull Bumper Sticker Car Bumper StickerColonial Native Dispossession of North Carolina

eBook (PDF), 90 Pages         

Colonial Native Dispossession of North Carolina

This is a collection of primary source references concerning American native dispossession in Eastern North Carolina. This was a project for a class and is not complete by any means but, it is a good start. Some interpretation of these records is offered.

Paperback, 90 Pages            

eBook (PDF), 92 Pages        

Family Documents as collected by Rev. E.M. Brooks and transcribed by his grandson, Baylus C. Brooks. Also included are some photos, anecdotes and transcriptions of county records concerning the Ezekiel Brooks trials.

Paperback, 92 Pages           

Brooks of Stanly, Anson and Union Co, NC Family Documents

Brooks of Stanly, Anson and Union Co, NC Family Documents

eBook (PDF), 96 Pages        

Pearce / Pierce lines of Southeastern North Carolina. Many of these families were instrumental in forming the new colony of the Carolinas in the early 18th century and even the late 17th century. We've been here a very long time! You will find the families of Whitfields, McCoys, Taylors, Fonvilles, etc. in the early Craven Co, NC area… later becoming Lenoir, Jones, Dobbs and Wayne Co's, NC. You will also find the Pearce's in Duplin in the mid 18th century finding their way into New Hanover (later Pender Co, NC) in the early to mid 19th century when they met up with the Foys and Meadows.

Paperback, 96 Pages           

Pearce / Pierce Family of Duplin, Onslow and Pender Counties, North Carolina and Related Families

Pearce / Pierce Family of Duplin, Onslow and Pender Counties, North Carolina and Related Families


eBook (PDF), 54 Pages       

Edward Moseley undoubtedly had a tremendous affect on the British American colony of North Carolina. His influences, both social and economic, have had a contribution to the aristocratic nature and the liberties that he exercised while an early "public servant" in that early English colony. Those influences include many well-known names, like Isaac Newton, Daniel Defoe, Christ's Hospital and the Royal Mathematical School. It can be easily said that great hubris journeyed with him from London to America. 

Paperback, 54 Pages          

Aristocratic Pyrates of the Albemarle

Aristocratic Pyrates of the AlbemarleAnd More!

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Sailing East: West-Indian Pirates in Madagascar

ISBN : 9781387772919

The history of St. Augustine, Florida may be wrong. Native Americans from one North Florida tribe are said to have lived for centuries due to the inexplicable power of a mysterious source of water. Some say this is not true. Early explorers went in search of this “Fountain of Youth” only to come back disappointed. Still, the Fountain did indeed exist.  

Young Lt. Stephen Hathorne, shipwrecked in Spanish La Florida in 1808 will discover the secrets of this tribe if he can survive the trip. Indeed, he discovers that he and his own family are responsible for their very existence!  Traveling through threads of time's sensitive fabric, Stephen and his new-found love will have to face many dangers: pirates, zealots, slavers, and a madman from the future before they can find peace in the past.

In this story, four time periods of the beautiful and exotic Floridian town of St. Augustine are explored. Although a sci-fi romance, lovers of history will be thrilled at the meticulous detail.