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Deed of Edward Thache to Lucretia Thache, Jamaica — 10 Dec 1706

Deed—Edward Thache to Lucretia Thache—10 Dec 1706

While the preceding passage appears in Quest for Blackbeard, the genealogies of various pirates will be explored in similar depth in Brooks’ Dictionary of Pyrate Biography, currently in the planning stages.

Brooks has over 35 years of experience in genealogical research, has worked as a professional genealogist, and lately studied in the Maritime Studies Program at East Carolina University as a professional historian.

His peer-reviewed article, “ ‘Born in Jamaica of Very Creditable Parents’ or ‘A Bristol Man Born’? Excavating the Real Edward Thache, ‘Blackbeard the Pirate’ “ in the July issue of North Carolina Historical Review includes the genealogy of the most famous pirate of them all! It’s expanded upon in Quest.

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“Edward Thache to Lucretia Thache” (10 December 1706), LOS Deeds Liber 40, Folio 67, Registrar General’s Department, Spanish Town, Jamaica.


Theache To Theache

Filed? the 17th Dcber 1706


Jamaica ss            To all to whom these presents shall Come or may Concern Edwd. Thache on Board her Majesties Shipp Windsor Sends Greetings Whereas Edward Thache Father of the aforesaid Edward Thache is lately deced Intestate leaving behind him some small personall Estate hardly sufficient for defraying his Funerall charges and Debts Now Know yee that I the said Edwd. Thache Son and heire of my said late Father Edward Thache soe deced as aforesaid for and in Consideration of the love and ffection I have for and bear towards my Brother and Sister Thomas Theache and Rachell Theache Infants and for divers other good Causes and Considerations me the said Edward Thache here unto moving have Granted remised released and forever quitt claimed and by these presents doe Grant remise release and for ever quitt claime unto my Mother in law [actual step-mother to Edward Thache and mother of Thomas and Rachel] Lucretia Thache Widdow all my right title interest estate claime and demand whatsoever  both in law and equity of in and unto all every or any the Negro Slaves Goods money or other personall Estate of my Said late Father Edward Theache To have and To hold such Negro Slaves as my Said late Father died possessed of and all other his personall Estate whatsoever or unto her the Said Lucretia Thache here Exors Admors and Assigns And I the said Edwd. Thache for my self my heirs Exors and Admors and for every of them doe hereby Covenant promise Grant and agree to and with my Said Mother in Law Lucretia Theache her Exors Admors & Assigns that she the Said Lucretia Theache her Exors Admors and Assigns shall and lawfully may from time to time and att all times for ever hereafter lawfully peacably and quietly have hold use occupie possess and enjoy all and every such Negroes and other personall Estate as my Said late Father died possessed of without any the lawfull or other lett suite hinder and Trouble denialle molestacon interruption or disturbance of me the Said Edward Theache as heir att law or otherwise howsoever any other person aforesaid by from or under me whatsoever In Wittness whereof I the said Edward Theache have herunto putt my hand and Seale the Tenth day of December in the fifthe Yeare of the Reign of our Sovereigne Lady Anne by the Grace of God of England Scottland France and Ireland Queen and of Jamaica & adj Defender of the Faith &c. and in the Yeare of Our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and Six.


                                                                                                                                Edward Thache


Sealed and delivered

in the presence of      Andrew Burnside

                                       A upuit.?


Memorandum December the 10th 1706 There appeared before me the above named Edward Thache and acknowledged the above Instrument to be his Act and deed


                                                                Exd.                                                         Chas. Sadler

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Baylus’ Blog:

Note that Lucretia Teache (Thache) was born as Lucretia Poquet, place unknown. She first married John Maverly II and had her son John Maverly III before being widowed. She married 2nd Nathaniel Ethel Jr. who soon died. Thirdly, she married Capt. Edward Thache of St. Jago de la Vega or Spanish Town, Jamaica. He was the husband of Elizabeth and father of Edward “Blackbeard” Thache and Elizabeth Thache Valescure of Jamaica while possibly in Bristol, England. Elizabeth died in Jamaica in 1699 and Edward married 6 months later to Lucretia. They had issue: Cox, Rachel, and Thomas. —- Will of Lucretia Thache

Marriage of Capt. Edward Thache to Lucretia Poquet Maverly Ethel—9 Jun 1699

St. Jago de la Vega or Spanish Town, Jamaica

Source: Anglican Church Records of St. Catherine’s Parish, Jamaica

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