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Capt. Ellis Brand to Admiralty—14 Jul 1718/9

Letters – Brand to Admiralty—14 Jul 1719

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ADM 1/1472   NC Call# 72.996.1-2


                Lyme Gallions Reach [Thames] July 14, 1719



This serves to acquant you for there Lordships information that I shall make all possible dispatch in getting out the powder and Guns &c: and then proceed to Deptford

I am likewise to Acquaint you the goods taken from the pyrats in No: Carolina have been proceeded against And ware order'd to be sold and the Money Arriving from the Sail is deposited into the hands of the Governr. [Spotswood] of Virginia and my self, till I see how the people in North Carolina will proceed with me, the Amount of the Moneys for the goods is two Thousand two hundred forty seven pounds 19/4 [shillings/pence] Virginia Currancy reckoning gold at five pound & ounce Out of which is the Charges to be deducted that the Governor and myself  have been at, when it shal be there Lordsp. pleasure to make farther enquire into this Matter I shall have all the papers ready to lay before them;

I likewise think it my duty to lay before there Lordsps. some part of the conduct of Tobias Knight Collector of No: Carolina of his making abundance of difficulty and advising the Governer not to assist me, and he constantly Justifieing the pyrates, I had information of a parcell of Sugars and cotton hid in a barn of his and put On Shoar by Thach the pyrate; which I found and ware delivered up to me, when over there Shal be directions given to Enquire into his behaviour there will Appear some Very extraordinary proceedings, I haveing by me a letter of his to the Pirats;

[in margin:] An Extract of his Letter to be sent to the Lords of the Treasury, that their Lordps may see how these two Officers misbehaved themselves, to the Encouragement of His Majs Naval Service, & the encouragement of the Pyrates.

There is likewise One Richd: FitzWilliams Collector of the lower district in James River in Virginia, that has been Agent and Soliciter for the Pirats in those parts. he caused a writ of five Thousand pounds to be taken aut Against Capt. [Vincent] Peirce at the sur? of five known pyrats, he has likewise caus'd Capt. [George] Gordon to be arrested for false imprisonmnt: as they call it in the writ; for takeing Up a Notorious pyrate [Israel Hands?] which Obliged me to goe to Williamsburgh with him to give in Bail;

I haveing On Board my Ship a pyrate [William Howard] that I had some time before taking up which knew this fellow when he was Quarter Master in [Edward] Tachs Ship of forty guns calld the Queen Anns Revenge; ? he being allow'd to be a good Evidence I did desire of the Govern?? that this Quartr: Master might be brought to Tryal, which he concented to And there being publick Notice of it Several Appeals Against him, and it was made Appear to the Court that he was One of the Most Mischevious and Vilest Villians that had infes? that coast: he was found guilty and received sentance of Death Accordingly and his life is only Owing to the Ships Arrival [Avarilla, master Joshua Lirland, owned by Micajah Perry] that had his Majesties pardon On board, the Night before he was to have been exicuted; The fellow has since Assured me he had not given Capt. Gordon Any trouble but by the Advice and protection of the Collector, and that he Gave the Collecter three Oun? of gold dust, there will be Several Other things Appear when lo?? into I hope there Lordships will be pleas'd to cause these peoples behaviour to be enquired after, it may be Attended with Very ?? Conciquence to his Majesties Ships Appointed On those Stations of these people are Suffer'd to goe On in this Manner I am


                        Sr: your humble Serv: to Commd:


                                Ells: Brand

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