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George Gordon to Adm. Sec. Burchett, 2 Oct 1719

Letters – George Gordon to Burchett - 2 Oct 1719

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ADM 1/1826 (NC call # 72.1110.1-3)


[I send this in answer, to their Lordsps: letter, of the 14th: of April last, wch: I received in August, following wherein I was desired, to Transmitt home, an Inventory, of the goods taken, (belonging to the Pirate [Edward] Thatch) to Mr. [George] Sawyer [Sayer] the Admiralty's Proctor, at Doctor's Commons [also called the College of Civilians, was a society of lawyers practicing civil law in London], and for their Lordsps: infirmation. I acquaint you that those goods Vizt: Cocoa & Suggar haveing received damage, by Salt water, wch: rendred them perishable, they were adjudged, upon Survey most proper to be sold, to the highest bidder, by way of Auction, wch: accordingly was done, the Governr: [Spotswood]  haveing Sent, the produce, or Value they Amounted to, home in bills, by Capt. [Ellis] Brand.] charges being deducted.

I am now supplied wth: what provisions, Sailes, Cables &ca: Sufficient to carry me, to the Eastwd: & Designed to proceed the first fair wind, to the Downes [between the Strait of Dover and the Thames Estuary], which to all that Offers, at present from.

        hondd: Sr.

                Yor: most humbl: Servt:

                        Geo: Gordon

?? Hamoze [AKA “Hamoaze,” estuary on the River Tamar]

?? 1719


[Cover letter:]


                Capt. Geo: Gordon in answer to a L[ett]re about the goods taken from Thach a Pirate:


To. The hond: Josiah Burchett Esqr: Secretary to the Lords of the Admiralty at their Office White Hall. London



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